Tottenham Player Ratings vs Aston Villa


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Gomes (8) – Another confident and competent display full of good handling. Rarely called into serious action, a fine save from Milner’s drive and Agbonlahor’s follow up in the first half.

Corluka (7) – Time seems to stand still sometimes when he has the ball at his feet so slow does he appear to be moving. Never gave Downing or Young a sniff all afternoon.

Bale (8) – Outwitted by Young once late in the first half but otherwise gave those worried about his defensive capabilities some reassurance. Some exciting forward play as we’re getting accustomed to.

Dawson (7) – Surprising that he wasn’t captain, Redknapp obviously doesn’t want to commit himself to picking anyone consistently. Dealt well with the extremely physical presence of Carew.

King (7) – Rarely troubled by strength of Carew or speed of Agbonlahor. Perhaps should’ve done better with a free header in the first half.

Bentley (6) – Is so much better when he reins in the fancy stuff as I’ve said before. He tried a few flicks in this game all of which gave away possession needlessly. Was a good outlet for most of the game but is no Lennon replacement – he was outpaced by Richard Dunne at one point for God’s sake!

Palacios (7) – His normal all action display, plenty of tackling and lung bursting runs. Tried bits of trickery to get through the Villa defence but let himself down with the occasional misplaced pass.

Huddlestone (7) – Good display. Kept possession and spread the play well. Never out battled by Milner or Petrov. Two fine long range shots.

Modric (7) – Played more centrally than wide. Looked to be a likely source of a goal in the first half but never quite got the right contact on the ball.

Defoe (7) – Tough afternoon due to the large lads at the back for Villa. Starved of the sort of service he likes. Might’ve done better with his half chance at the end of the first half.

Crouch (7) – Won loads in the air and knocked the ball off intelligently and accurately most of the time. Never a real goal threat however.


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  1. A fair assessment in relation to all players though I think Tommy H had a particularly fine game against a physical AV midfield sector.

    In relation to Bentley being outpaced by Dunne down in the corner it was a case of Bentley just giving up rather than getting stuck in – which is what he should have done. That incident upset me and Ive seen enough of Lennon to know that the little lad would have ‘got in there’ and battled for possession against a telented yet cumbersome defender which Dunne is. Its worth watching on video again to see DB just giving u and Im sure the boss wont have missed it either. It was as bad a Jenas allowing JT bully him in the Cu Final a couple of years back.

  2. Your displaying a lack of knowledge on players here, as so many people did when we were linked with Dunne in the past, Richard Dunne is seriously quick, Aaron Lennon is the only player on our books who would be quicker. Trust me I’ve seen Dunne many times in the past and never seen him outpaced by anyone, I’ve seen him in a 50 50 race for a ball with Thierry Henry and he won, so get your facts straight. Oh and Bentley played a hell of a lot better than Modric yesterday I’d switch their scores.

  3. Agreed, but I think Modric was more of a 6. He had some poor passing and some good passing, but mostly he failed to really affect the game. Why Redknapp left Kranny on the bench and didn’t put him in for Modric, I don’t know.

  4. Crouch 7??????????????????????????

    Gomes 8
    Corluka 6
    King 7
    Daws 7
    BALE 9
    Palacios 6
    THudd 6
    Bentley 7
    Modric 6+
    Defoe 6
    Crouch 2,5

    Taking a ball down to your chest before someone else gets to it is NOT winning the ball…you have to hold on to it or at least get it to one of your teammates…
    Why the hell did he not use any subs…..

  5. Please let Crouch get injured for the rest of the season. He does not add anything to the way we should be playing. Defoe is shite against the better teams. If we had top uality striker who could hold the ball up and take on defenders and then hit th back of the net we would be a top 4 team.

  6. Should never have bought him. He worked well with Harry at Southampton and Portsmouth, but they were teams that played different styles to Spurs. I never wanted him in the 1st place and I think the team has gone backwards since he became a regular starter. At least when Keane wasn’t scoring, he was creating. No wonder other strikers are frustrated on the bench when they see Crouch as 1st choice.

  7. Good marks but surly you cant expect them players who played twice to perform to the same energy levels has Aston Villa Leeds even struggled to win .The problem here is Harry is scared to experiment he could have played Gudjonson for half a game or Pavlyuchenko he looked okay to me on sky news training on his own we pay is wages he should play.Kaboul should have played . This was my team . GOMES Corluka Dawson King Kaboul Bentley Huddlestone Palacios Bale Gudjonson Moderic for the first Half

  8. i didn’t think crouch had a bad game, he was winning his fair share of balls against the meanest defense in the league the problem was finding a team mate once the ball was won, if we are going to beat these teams then we have to be more clinical with our final ball, players like modric need to step up, in the first half villa couldn’t pick his runs but he didn’t find the killer ball or a shot on target, the other thing was where was plan “b” now that keane has gone to celtic it looks like harry dosen’t want to use his subs, i think we needed to change things as villa were more comfortable as the game went on. villa are our top 4 competitors but we out played them twice, we are a good team just not clinical like the so called top 4, watched liverpool’s game one chance all game they win one nil.

  9. Ken……At least Keane was creating….WHAT game did you see. At his best (this season) he was running, thats it. nothing more…… but I do agree Crouch should not be first choice, he shouldn’t be a choice…

  10. Don’t blame Crouch. All he can do is win the header. Boring Villa were smart enough to let him win the header but mark the players who were likely to receive it, thus cutting out the second ball. The problem was that Spurs did not change the game plan at any time. Why not bring on Gudjohnsen for the last 20 mins? Two smaller strikers would have made the Villa defence change their tactics as well, and we may have got through. We are now getting much more respect from sides who come to WHL, they now defend and hope for a breakaway rather than take us on, just as they do against the very top teams. That’s great in a way, and explains why we haven’t conceded at home in the League since Wolves and only conceded 3 since we lost to MU on 12 September! That’s table topping defending, BUT to get there we need to take our striking to the next level. Who is our Drogba, Rooney or Torres? The plain fact is that none of ours are at that level, even Defoe, who tends not to score against the bigger teams. That’s really the difference now, and unless Mr Levy is prepared to pay what it takes to get one, wages included, then it’s hard to see how we can progress further.

  11. I can’t figure out why so many people thing Corluka is only average. Not only did he keep their wingers in his pocket, he also helped out in attack.
    IMO neither Crouch, or defoe without Lennon, cut it. I know Crouch is a huge help in defending set pieces but he just can’t hold the ball up or score for us.
    FYI – Defoe has scored 15 league goals this seaon, but has only scored in 9 of his 22 league appearances.

  12. bobby can’t figure that one either, villa strength is from their wingers yet you could of forgot that they were on the pitch, corluka read & tackled everthing & still attacked, both our fullbacks played well, only if we could learn to score because i couldn’t see villa scoring because our fullbacks had their wingers in their pockets.

  13. I like Harry, and I think he has done great things for the club, but he has to realise that when Lennon is out he has to change the strikers around. Eidur and Pav should be given a run in the team. Lets see if two clever forwards can profit from two clever wide players(Modric & Niko). Defoe litteraly has to be served his opportuities on a platter, which Lennon does for him.

  14. Are we still fighting relegation or worried about it. If not, then why is Harry still our Manager. We went and got the most experienced manager in fighting relegation when we needed to fight relegation. Now we have a different challenge, one that this manager is too inexperienced in. Maybe he should prepare for the rest of the season as if we are fighting relegation. Take the league table and turn it upside down and then Harry will get us 4th.

  15. Another home win opportunity missed. Villa did nothing but defend and stifle our attacks, credit to them for that but yet again we struggle to score and break teams down like this. Lumping it up to Crouch is not the answer, and perhaps some creative guile from Gudjohnsen would have been good. Hindsight is a great thing but subs are there for a reason and were not used. Makes you wonder why a clever player such as Keane is at Celtic and not making the difference for us. 4th place I just feel is slipping away and we have plenty of tough games coming up.

  16. Bobbly, what “great things” has Harry done? Dont just go banding the word around or it loses meaning?!? The “best” thing in my opinion is to bring in Kranjcar, and that is purely on a value basis. Meanwhile he has effectively written off MILLIONS of pounds of talent and proven international calibre. Getting a 31 year old in on loan when you have a fairly prolific international striker is laughable!

    Defoe should not be simply judged on his goal return; especially by those who can appreciate that hoofing it to crouch is a huge problem for us… this obviously has a DIRECT impact upon how the whole team functions. Harry has had ample time to balance the team yet out insists on playing the 2 wandering corats on the left… they are not wingers, they are not even wide midfielders…

    I love palacios but his inability to pass is exactly why he is at spurs and not at Manure… if he could complete a 5 yard pass he would defintiely be one of the best players in the world (IMHO!)

  17. Harry seriously needs to adopt a Plan B cos it’s clear we dont have one.
    Ive now seen this so many times at The Lane where teams come hear plonk 11 men behind the ball and hope to come away with a point or more.
    Hull, Stoke, Wolves, Birminhgham (ok we won this one), and now Villa have shown no interest whatsoever to play positive football yet Harry sticks with 4-4-2 and still plays the DM.
    Do we really need a DM (Palacios) for these games??????

    Harry should have changed it as the 2nd half went on and introduce Gudjohnson or Kranjcar. I find it astonishing that Harry makes changes when were 1-0 up at Birmingham and looking just as comfortable yet Saturday he didnt. I just dont get it!!

  18. All Harry ever talks about is the fourth place. I am seriously tired of watching him sitting on the bench during the whole game. He is almost falling asleep! All great managers stand up and urge their players on but Harry just sits there daydreaming!!! He is blank!
    When he first came and we were in the relegation battle, he used to be more active on the touchline. Its almost feels like he has done enough for the club and his happy with the current situation.
    I hear Mourinho is looking to come back to England. He is one man that will sure drive Spurs on.
    I m greatful for Harry and what he has done, but i seriously doubt that he can push our club further up.

  19. SpursMalaysia…are you joking, blind or ignorant. Harry was involved in a fatal accident years ago, hence his facial expressions. Unless I am blind or stupid, I have seen come off his seat many times to implore the players. His activity on the sideline has not changed from when he first came to the club. I assume you only watch a handful of games each season and perhaps when we scored our 6th against Wigan he may have been relaxed (I would).

    And as for the guys saying he is only a relegation saviour manager, give it a break. He has not had an opportunity to take a club top 4 before, but that does not mean he is incapable of doing it.

    And Mourinho for f%^&ks sake, my Aunty Betty could have won the league with Chelsea given the open chequebook he had. When he can manage a successful team on a reasonable budget, then tell me he is a quality manager (why do you think Chelsea pi$%&ed him off)?!

  20. Didn’t know about the accident. My apologies. But i still think we will always be fighting for only for 5th to 8th placings under him. He had money to spend, and he has talent in the squad. Don’t think he knows how to use them both effectively.

  21. if we are going to to break the top 4 we have got to change our mentality, we or the spurs, we are the best, why should we not go for the league, scum, manuru blue sh.t all start the season to win the league why not us?, arry is in the comfort zone everytime we f+ck up he reminds us of where we were when he came, if he is a good english manager now is the time to show it, so fuck u spuds it’s about t65ime we made it into big time, this is the last season for top”4″ for excuses we want top 4 w2e want to win the league & when we believe it & expect it then they will know pride to wear the badge, i do not want another season chasing the 4 spot tell harry if you want a lagacy let’s give the top 4 something to think about, f*ck top 4 lets go the league.

  22. Davspur, sorry about my comments about Harry being a relegation club manager. He is definitely better than that. Maybe its the current court case that is affecting him. I am sure he will get back on track. Just a bit irrated with so many blanks recently. Hopefully we get it right now.


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