Tottenham Player Ratings vs Bolton (FA Cup Replay)


Gareth Bale - Header

Gomes (8) – Kept busy. Always composed and handled well. Excellent reflex save from Riga header in second half.

Assou-Ekotto (7) – Possibly the most left-footed player to have ever played right back for Spurs. Did well given that.

Bale (9) – A constant menace to the Bolton defence but also solid and decisive at the back. Outstanding again.

Bassong (7) – Nice run and shot in first half. Sure footed and reliable.

Dawson (7) – Continues his good record as skipper. Comfortable for most of the game.

Modric (6) – Flitted in and out. Stayed out on the left mostly rather than coming inside as per usual. Caught in possession too often. Nice ball for Pav for first goal.

Huddlestone (7)  – Some lovely long passes in the first half especially went to waste. Drifted out of the game for long spells when the potential was there to dominate it.

Palacios (7) – As usual mixed some sublime running and tackling with some ridiculous passing. Missed him from the moment he went off, hopefully his knock isn’t a serious one.

Bentley (6) – Pretty anonymous. Worked hard but not much memorable to show for it.

Defoe (6) – One good effort from edge of the area. Forced error from keeper for second goal.

Pavlyuchenko (8) – Took his goals very well, the first one especially. He and Defoe work well together.


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  1. Gomes was my MOT. I would have given him a 9. Bale on the other hand (whilst being a faboulous attacker) made some very dangerous errors defensively and I would have him a 7 at best.

  2. Bale was fantastic, every time he’s on the ball you can almost guarentee the ball will find its way into the box, nothing wasted. game was comfortable, was good to see huddlestone talking to alot of the players around him, especially rose when he came on.

  3. Did you actually watch the game? Bale is great going forward but gave the ball away pitifully at least twice which almost lead to Bolton goals out of nothing. By no means assured of his place with BAE (AKA Snoop Doggy Dog) coming back. Then you give Pav an 8. Strange!

    I’m a bit concerned with Palacios. Great at breaking play up, etc, but passing and shooting are terrible> hope he doesn’t turn into the new Zokora….please no!

  4. BAE was the worst player on the pitch, due nothing more than the decision to play a total left footer at right back. Make no mistake that the continual lobbed cross field ball, which usually brings a nice round of applause was simply because he could do nothing else. His tackling normally is a bit dodgy, but trying to tackle with the wrong foot will onlt spell disaster. Against a good team he cannot play at right back as they will destroy him.
    This was not his fault and at left back he is getting better, I appreciate that Charlie was ill, Hutton is on loan and Walker is cup tied.

    Pav offers so much more to teh team than Crouch, worked hard last night, clever, linked play and took his goals well. Crouch gives the aerial option, whilst Pav will give us an all round better footballing option and over a season would score more goals than Crouch.

    Bale continues to show that confidence, faith and a clean bill of health was all that was required. He is a quality left back going forward, defensively still naive, definately in great form and sdeserves to keep his place.

    Bassong is an accident waiting to happen and it could be a disaster if Dawson gets injured and we have Kaboul and Bassong playing together. Neither inspire confidence. Bassong seems very slow to react to sitiuations and gets caught ball watching too often. Again, he is young, he finds himself in and out of the team, when given a chance he needs to be more composed and needs to concentrate more.

    It is so good to see Gomes come good, the fans adore him and although he does have the odd lapse, he really has excelled and proved to be a top keeper. I was really not sure last season, but, really pleased to see him playing so well

    Dawson is Dawson, solid centre half with no thrills. Great leader of example, not scared to put his body on the line and a fighter, perfect attributes for a captain.

    Huddlestone needs a kick up the back side, he is in the team on the virtue that we really do not have any serious alternatives to challenge him. I think if he had a rival and had to fight for his place he would be putting in a much harder shift. He has the skill and can pick the pass, but to rely on your skill and not put in the effort will find him wanting against the better teams.

    This is not meant to be negative, i am delighted to see the team winning, scoring goals and playing well.

    What is especially pleasing to see is the team spirit, the way the players seem genuinely happy for each other when they do well, such as the reaction Pav got at the final whistle against Wigan. It does seem we have the right blend of characters.

    We have a tough run of games and i really hope the boys can really kick on. COYS !!

  5. Mainly agree with the ratings, however . . .

    Bentley – he suffered for having to play in front of a (brilliant) LB who was played at RB. Much as I love Benny, he is left-footed to the point of obsessional. That meant he was cutting inside all night & leaving Bentley isolated & starved. I noticed also that Daws wisely stopped using Benny as an his out option early on, and had to punt the ball long instead.

    Modric – even on an off-night he holds the ball superbly & buys the rest loads of time.

    BTW – Where were Bolton? Did they get stuck on the M6? They sure as hell weren’t at WHL


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