Tottenham player reiterates that he can’t wait to retire from football

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Tottenham Hotspur left-back, Danny Rose, has reiterated his 2019 comments in which he claimed he could not wait to retire from football.

Rose, who has a reputation of speaking from the heart, made the revelation after a 5-1 Euro 2020 qualifier win with England last year (Independent).

Despite the impressive result, it remains a game that Rose looks back on with sadness and frustration as he was subjected to racial abuse from a section of Montenegro fans.

Rose revealed that he had heard monkey chants from the supporters in the first half and again in the second 45, with England manager Gareth Southgate also hearing the latter.

At the time, Rose revealed that he was looking forward to seeing the back of football at the end of his career, voicing his frustration at how things are handled in the modern game.

A year later and Rose has not changed his mind on the matter, claiming it was the truth back then and it remains so now, yet again citing frustration at how racism is dealt with in the world of football.

Rose said (Second Captains Podcast): “Yeah, I meant it because it’s true. Fans and non-playing football people may just think we just turn up Monday to Friday, train for two hours, go home and you get the biggest reward ever on a Saturday, but football isn’t as hunky-dory as people may think.

“I am only speaking about my experiences and how I feel. I stand by what I said 100 per cent. If nobody can see what I am talking about, it’s right there.

“Montenegro got fined £20,000, imagine a country being fined £20,000 that is not going to hurt anyone’s pockets within that country.

“Then I heard that in the Bulgaria game there was the three strikes and you’re out, but if I went to the shop now and robbed the shop I don’t get three chances of going in and out and trying to steal something.

“I find it a bit strange how you can not only be racist, but break the law. I don’t understand, would you want your son or nephew to be part of that? That was my take on it.

“It happened within the first 15 or 20 minutes and I’ve heard it. I’ve just gone on with the game. I didn’t tell anybody. I didn’t tell the manager, he wasn’t aware. I didn’t tell any staff. They weren’t aware.

“Then in the second half I was playing down the left on the manager’s side and that’s when he had heard it. He was devastated to be fair. I’ve never seen a look on someone’s face for an incident that’s never happened to them.

“He was genuinely gutted. He said it was the first time he’d been in that situation so he didn’t really know how to interact with me after that”

“After the game, I was very angry, he said it was the first time he has been in a situation like that. He was wary that he was a white male, I don’t know if he was from a privileged background but he doesn’t have the background I have so it was a new experience from him.

“No one is happy it happened but he is now equipped a little bit better than he was in Montenegro for if and when that happens again he will have zero tolerance for it.”

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