Tottenham star admits he will have to change the way he plays

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It was a dream start to European life in their new stadium for Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday night, but things could have gone very differently.

Spurs ended up earning a narrow one nil lead to take into the away leg against Manchester City in the Champions League quarter finals thanks to a late Son goal.

However, it could have been a very different result if Hugo Lloris had not saved Sergio Aguero’s penalty in the 13th minute.

In bizarre circumstances, the referee awarded a penalty after consulting VAR, despite the fact that no Man City player even appealed for the apparent Rose handball.

Raheem Sterling’s shot clipped Rose’s arm as he slid along the ground to block the shot, resulting in the eventual spot kick.

Unfortunately, Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen now believes that he will have to change the way he defends due to the replay system.

He said (Telegraph): “It takes a lot away from the game, I think. But like I said, at the end it will give you more. But it can happen for us as well. If we got a penalty in this way I would be very happy. Football is always a very emotional game, and VAR is changing that a bit.

“I think so many things look like a penalty in slow motion. The PSG-United game, everything looks like a penalty now. I think we have to change the way we defend.

“I remember we were talking more about defending corners or free-kicks. You can’t even touch anyone. Before it was quite physical, but in a fair way. But now you are too scared to get close to someone.”

Danny Rose was asked if he would have to defend with his hands behind his back: “It’s going to get that way. It’s unnatural to try to defend a shot with your arms behind your back and I’m not sure that’s something the manager would be promoting. But there’s not much I can do, I have to learn from it. I was lucky Hugo made the save because if they were 1-0 ahead after 13 minutes it would have been a long evening for us.”

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