Tottenham star talks about his impressive turn around

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It has been a season of many surprises for Tottenham Hotspur so far in 2018.

The brand new stadium has been delayed until the new year, they achieved their best ever start to a season, the club failed to sign any players in the summer but also kept their star men.

However, perhaps the biggest surprise package has been the turn around in form of one Moussa Sissoko.

Sissoko was purchased from Newcastle in the summer of 2016 after an impressive Euros campaign with his nation of France (SkySports).

It’s fair to say that Spurs fans haven’t exactly taken to him in North London up until now, as the Frenchman seemed to put in minimal effort on the pitch.

However, this season has been a sort of resurgence for the midfielder, as he as strung together class performance after class performance.

He now looks like a useful player, driving down the right wing or putting in a shift in the centre of the park.

Spurs fans have gone from groaning when they hear his name to chanting it around Wembley.

Sissoko sat down with the Tottenham website to give an exclusive interview.

You played six qualifiers for the World Cup but didn’t make the cut and then France won the tournament – what was that like?

Moussa: “To not be part of the squad was painful but in football, it’s like that. You have to accept it, even if it’s difficult. France won the World Cup, they did well and I was happy because I have a lot of friends in the squad and I’m French, so of course I was happy. Yes, it’s still a little painful in my heart. Of course, I wish I was there but I say again, this is football and I need to accept that even if it’s painful. Life still goes on. I need to look forward, that’s it.”

What has been your journey from the summer to where you are today, in such good form?

Moussa: “I wanted to follow my plan, to have a good pre-season with the team, try to be fit for the first game of the season and try to have a great season. I played the first game in Newcastle, but then I had an injury. I had a good recovery, came back strong and since that time I’m playing and doing well, like the team.”

You must be happy with how it’s going…

Moussa: “Yes, I’m happy and proud. It’s not been easy but I try to stay strong and try to give everything. At the moment I’m doing well so I’m happy about that. I need to keep going and trying to improve, because you can always improve and try to be better and better every game. We have a lot of objectives so I hope at the end of the season we all achieve them.”

You are also getting a lot of love from the fans…

Moussa: “Yes, I know and it’s very nice. I say ‘thanks’ to them. They give me a lot of energy. I hope it will be like this every game.”

What is it like to be part of this squad?

Moussa: “We have very good players, very good people. We all have very different personalities, the staff are great and I’m very happy to be part of it. We are all together, all going in the same direction.”

How did you keep going through the tougher times?

Moussa: “It’s simple. The job I’m doing is fantastic and when you look at all the tough things happening around the world…look, for me, sometimes I’m playing, sometimes I’m not playing and I might complain but if I look at my situation, I don’t need to complain, I just need to enjoy the moment because I’m doing one of the best jobs in the world. I know I have to do it properly because I know I’m a lucky guy.”

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