Tottenham’s best five players this season

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Dom Le Roy

If you asked any Tottenham Hotspur fan last season about who were their top five players, the would be a high discrepancy in the rank. Of course, this discrepancy would only be for whom would accompany Gareth Bale in the list. With Bale gone, a new, more controversial list is what’s facing Spurs fans if they are asked this question. This is my list, who’s on yours?

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  1. Lloris very good shot stopper extra centre back. Walker very speedy footballer does not need to be hindered by (Lennon) Vertonghan class defender just needs to sharpen up. Sandro ( mr robot man) keeps going when others drop. Dembele shadows pass players so quick body strength brill needs to believe in himself to score goals on the 18 box

  2. This is a lot more difficult than first imagined. Clearly Eriksen is still a bit player and getting used to the EPL – we can see flashes but that doesn't make him one of our best 5 -Walker is our only full back and we see he is head and shoulders above the other full backs but that isn't saying too much. LLoris and Ade are givens (not gibbons). Dembele has definitely been one of the top 5 – with a great work rate and fine dribbling skills he is definitely in my top 5. Vertomghen has been missing due to injury but also makes my top 5. So one left and I would have to give that to Benteleb. Townsend too hot and cold (mostly cold) – Daws too slow – Paulinho – too absent – Sandro too injured. So that only left Lennon and Benteleb to chose from !! So in order best Ade, Lloris, Dembele, Verts, Benteleb


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