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It doesn`t matter how much people bleat on about whether it will be or won`t be a good summer, it doesn`t matter whether the rain cascades down or the sun shines on us, the one thing that ruins summer for me is that there is no week to week involvement with Spurs. The Premiership has closed and it`s cricket, athletics or tennis. Weeks go by until you finally see the forthcoming pre-season friendly’s and then the despair turns to hope, light is at the end of the tunnel.

I`ve been a Spurs fan, going through these summer emotions, for 45 years.  My boys (Ben and his twin brother Sam – the present Wales Rugby Union captain) have been indoctrinated into the same seasonal adjustment….S.A.D….not seasonal adjustment depression but Spurs adjustment depression.

Seeing Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports saying “We have news from White Hart Lane!” and the heart starts beating unnaturally as you drop your sandwich with your mouth agog waiting to see if it`s joy or misery that the sky reporter will bring you.

Sam once said to me when he was a young lad “What happens if I go off Spurs and start supporting another team ?” I whispered in his ear the honest truth “Once Spurs – always Spurs…you will know what I mean when you cross that bridge”.  And I`m not surprised to see that the particular bridge in question has never been crossed. We have Wimbledon, the Test matches and the Olympics, but the summer blues won`t be over for me until the first day of the Premiership..and for all you non-loving Rugby fans, if you see the captain of Wales leading out his country against Australia this summer, just think that his heart is beating for Wales…and Spurs.

Sincere apologies for the witterings of a Spurs lover.

By Jez Warburton

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  1. For years after leaving Wales I was Spurs regular. I used to go to every home game and most away for several seasons. I din’t know many people in the early days and my first trip to the Lane was with the writer of this story, 2-0 at home to Stoke. Crooks and Ardiles scored, one of only two goals I ever saw Ardiles score, but to this day I still believe he is the finest player I ever saw!

    Jez is a fireman and shifts allowing he would troop from Cardiff to London on a wet Wednesday to see us beat Wrexham in the cup (remember that Hoddle goal) before getting back to Paddington to catch the overnight train back home.

    I haven’t been to a Spurs game in years having lived overseas for a long time, the last 10 in Bangkok, but i rarely miss a game on TV as we have Every EPL gamme on live.

    Like Jez I have two boys, the oldest is rugby mad, and as a flanker there is no need to say who is hero is, but I’m happy to say Spurs is his team, he looks forward to his first Lane trip one day. The other is more curious but for his choice of team….I am very proud.

    Most kids in Bangkok support Liverpool and Manure, a few misguided fools support them, and there is now a growing support for Chelski. I have nothing but contempt for all of them all. They know nothing about having a team. But my little one gets it, he has chosen a team based on something he saw in them that he didn’t see elsewhere. He chose Wolves, three years ago. He has hardly ever seen them win again, it’s like re-living Christian Gross, but he’s happy and he loves his old gold shirt!

    I’m just glad I don’t have to join him!

  2. I just wish for once that all of our transfere dealings are done within the first month rather than dragging things out as we normally do, at least then the squad would have a chance to get to know each other before the season begins

  3. I know the feeling, Jez (along with you and a multitude of other Spurs fans). I started supporting Spurs in 1947. It’s been a roller coaster ride ever since, but Spurs are in the family DNA and nothing will ever change that. Great to hear that your two sons are equally passionate about the Lilywhites.

    By the way,your son Sam is doing a brilliant job with that funny shaped ball.

  4. I know the feeling, Jez, (along with you and a multitude of other Spurs fans). I have supported the Lilywhites since 1947. Although it's been a 'roller coaster ride' all the way the club is in the family DNA, and I still have the same passion for the club that I had when I was a young lad. Good to see that your two sons share your allegiance for Spurs. Sam is doing a great job leading Wales with that funny-shaped ball….Should be a great series against the Aussies.

  5. Nice heart warming article and so right about all the other sport going on doesnt really matter to whats happening at spurs .When it comes to Rugby not a great fan but now i think my alligence will go to the Welsh when thay play .

  6. Thanks Jez you have just made an ardent welsh rugby fan and crazy spurs fan of over 55 years very happy. I am also a retired fire officer (old Mid Glam brigade) now living in Aussie. I have my ticket for the Suncorp stadium for next saturday, and I will be wearing my red shirt, but now I,ll also take my Spurs scarf and given the chance give it to Sam at the end of the game. You must be very proud of him. Good luck to you, Sam and the welsh team, and to our Spurs team for next season. Good luck to me living among these Aussies, I will be taking my english son in law and try to educate him to welsh rugby and spurs from England and Liverpool. (but do,nt hold ones breath!!!)

  7. Great article Jez. I'm not much younger than Sam myself (I'm 21) and perhaps faced the opposite scenario to him growing up. My Dad is Welsh and I grew up in Sussex, so the way you transferred your love for spurs to your boys, my father did to me for the Welsh rugby team. (was pretty difficult growing up being a Welsh rugby supporter in England in the 90s with some of the welsh performances).

    The spurs love was also from my father, but was perhaps easier to fulfil due to everyone supporting different football teams and being located just over an hour from the ground. But I grew up with these two teams dominating my life, and still do. When I came to university, just finishing now, 3 years ago in Glamorgan, Sam was beginning to emerge on the national team front, I then read in an article he was an avid spurs fan due to this dad and named his dog's after Gus Poyet and Teddy Sheringham and I instantly become a fan of him. I regularly watched his performances for Wales grow and grow at the MS, and his performances at the world cup were incredible.

    Anyway back to the article, Summers without Spurs suck. Its been just over 3 weeks now and I already urn for next season. Vertonghen will be a great piece of business and hopefully some exciting new strikers would be great, the Likes of Leandro Damiao are very exciting. For me Gareth Bale is the most important player we hold on too. Modric would be a loss, but replaceable, VDV would be a massvie blow, but we could return to 2 up front, but losing Bale would cripple us I feel.

  8. I know the feeling Jez. I have been supporting spurs since 1980. Not easy to watch my favouring team live at the lane but never missed any match on tv. My visit to White Hart Lane was a dream comes true.Hope spurs do better next season. We’ll continue to support spurs even being far from the lane(MAURITIUS)


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