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So it’s all over and thank Hod for that. Overall I think we should be satisfied with the net result. By no means have all holes in the squad been filled or problems solved and there was no Van der Vaart moment but on the other hand there was no Berbatov one either.

In May it was clear that the major issues to address on the playing side were at both ends of the pitch. The signings of neither the ageing Friedel nor the still smelling of gooner Adebayor will satisfy everyone but already the American will have gone some way to placate the anti-Saga hecklers and here’s hoping that Adebayor can do similar.

Friedel has had a rough baptism thanks mostly to the porous state of what’s been in front of him so far which is where Scott Parker comes in. He is good enough to not only provide cover for those currently injured or whose head is not in a good place but also to earn a regular first team place. Last season at WHL Modric completely outclassed Parker I thought but there’ll be no questioning who has the better attitude of the two currently and with an away game at Wolves next up, a bit of attitude is what’s needed. He’ll add much needed bite and leadership.

Off the pitch it’s been clear for a while that a cull to the squad size and the wage bill was only sensible. The departure of Crouch might be as much due to the bean counters as anything but on the other hand Harry may have struggled to justify naming him and all of VdV, Pav, Defoe and Adebayor in his twenty-five.

There can be little doubt that we’ve already seen the best of the rest of those who’ve departed. To a greater or lesser extent Palacios, Hutton, Jenas and Bentley have all done their bit in helping turn the club around in the last three seasons but they’ve turned into bit part players. The departure of Bentley means that there’s no cover for Lennon at all which isn’t great but Redknapp obviously feels that with Walker coming through and Bale’s ability to switch wings he’s got enough options to cope.

Overall we have a smaller squad, we’re stronger between the posts, we have less cover on the right and in the centre of midfield but better quality in that area when everyone’s available.

There are two major unknowns, Adebayor and Modric’s commitment. We’re heavily dependant on both of these coming good if we’re to have a decent season. Much will be made of the lack of a ‘marquee’ signing, i.e. a Rossi or a Mata but if they don’t want to come for the money we can afford (fee and wages) then there’s not much we can do. There’s cash flying around in Russia, France, Spain, Manchester and West London that we can’t match. It’s nowhere near a level playing field. Cutting our cloth according to our finances will only do us good in the long run, especially with the costs of a new stadium due before too long. At least we left the last minute desperate scrambling to the south London side.

Our poor start means that it’s a long climb to where we want to be but as I say, overall, I think we’re in a better position to begin the task of hauling ourselves upwards.


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  1. What I don't understand, is given that Bolton were making outrageous demands for Cahill (£18m and/or Defoe) then why the hell didn't they turn to "Plan B" aka Chris Samba from Blackburn ?!? Blackburn had already got in a ready-made replacement in Scot Dann (another decent defender) so at the very minimum, Levy should have gone all-out for Samba, I think £12m would have got him, reasonable compared to the silly prices being quoted to other clubs…Poor finale from Levy and co. which will weaken our already weak defence !

  2. Good assessment, well one I agree with anyway!

    We are almost dot on the 25 man squad – I have counted 26 if you include Dos Santos, who might make sense as forward cover. However that would mean either Ledley or Livermore dropping out by my calculations. I’d go for the former given his fitness record! I guess we will find out tomorrow. I am cautiously optimistic for the future, especially with Sandro & Parker in CM. COYS

  3. I don’t think that we are in a stronger position at all and I think that we just wasted 3 transfer windows to improve the team. When we got into the champions league we should of improved with a couple more players than just VDV which became all too apparent in January and how poor we were in the league last year, thank god we had the CL to make us happy.

    In January we should of strengthend to push for that 4th spot but we wasted that opportunity and now in this transfer window Harry has kept saying we need fresh faces but all he did was to buy kids, loan a kid from Juventus buy an ageing goalkeeper when Given would of been a better option. The saving grace is Adebayor who will score goals but I think we are very short of quality although having Walker is like a new player and I hope Dos Santos gets a go seeing as he didn’t move.

    To sum it up, dissapointed with this window and I think we will all be hoping that January comes quickly and that the crop of players we have really gel and fire. COYS

  4. Has any one noticed WE LEAK GOALS like a sieve, Dawson needs something next to him, without King or Woodgate to direct Daws he struggles. The mid looks good, upfront they just need to switch on but at the back oh dear ! Friedel is ok – consistent but we must sort out the cover in front of him. We need a another King or Woodgate now ! not sure Cahill was the Answer, apparently he cost too much ! but how much will it cost us in the long run not having him or another like him ?? PS – Woodgate is playing again and well for the Potty's ????

  5. I’d guess it’s between Townsend and Rose who doesn’t make the cut for the 25 — if Dos Santos stays. How many young left-footer wing backs do we need?

  6. harry’s got us a no good deal, weak team. Thats d problem being a wheler dealer, taking others for fools. A big let down for us fans. A quality foward would have made all d difference.

  7. I have no idea how the numbers stack up but regarding cover for Lennon, Martin Jol bought brilliantly when getting Bryan Ruiz at whatever cost and he’s better than Lennon.

  8. Letting Woodgate leave whilst keeping King is a criminal error in my opinion, one which could cost us dearly come the end of the season, even more so given we failed to sign either Samba or Cahill…

  9. If Cahill doesn't sign a new deal in the next few months he'll be cheaper in January with less than 6 months to go on his contract – and clubs can agree contract deals with him in that period. I'm sure Arry and Levy think we can cope for the next 3 /4 months if Gallas / Ledders can deliver 20 games between them – it's a choice between that and paying Bolton £5 / 6m over the odds for a good but not exceptional player. We have to accept we are not still in the days of the old 'big 5' where being chased by THFC was a big deal – we were (if you can believe the press / blog) sniffing round Samba but if he was too expensive /didn't want to come / B'burn didn't want to sell …"what can you do" to use one of Arry's fave quotes. It's all well and good saying "buy Rossi/ Mata/ blah blah but we ain't the top deal in town these days – money is everything sadly and as MF says it resides elsewhere. Chin up – we've got rid of some deadbeats and have a good looking 25 man squad. Plus we may get lucky with Falque and some of the kids

    • I disagree. Samba wasn't too expensive, we were already offering £12m for Cahill and they wanted £18m and/or Defoe thrown into the equation, Levy said "no way", and rightly so. Samba could ALSO have been had for £12-14m, a similar figure for a very strong defender (remember Dann went to Blackburn for £6-8m) so why Levy didn't move in for Samba when the Cahill deal was going south is beyond me…

  10. All Spurs fans are looking forward to the Wolves game.With all the media speculation flying around on transfers,which has made us miserable, we expect Spurs to be an athletic side & not one that performs like trojans for 45 to 60 min & then fall away jaded for the second period. This is what we have seen against both Manchester's. We would also like to see an improvement in the coaching : a change to their stereo type playing ( especially in the flanks)

  11. From the five sales of: Robbie Keane, Jamie O’Hara, Peter Crouch, Wilson Palacious, Alan Hutton – it would have brought in well over £30,000,000.

    Spurs have only spent £6,000,000 on Parker. That leaves at least £25,000,000 profit from this transfer window. If they had sold Modric who does not want to play for Spurs, they would have had a profit of £65,000,000.

    Why could Spurs not manage to get a permanent transfer of a quality centre back, striker or winger?

    The fact that they leave everything to the last day, is very unprofessional.

    • We made over £40M in the transfer window and what about the money from Champions League last season? I think the chairman's priority is with this whole Olympic Stadium dispute. I'm prepared for a crap season ahead.

  12. Not happy with the lack of signings on the last day but maybe I was getting caught up on the hype of it all. We have a good team and a competitive one at that. 3 good points about the transfer window.

    1. We kept modric. We are not a selling club like the berba days.

    2. We added a proven goalscorer in adeybayor while not forking out mega bucks on his wages.

    3. We got rid of the deadwood we have been wanting shot of (keane, crouch, bentley, Ohara, jenas, woodgate, palacios)

    Harry now has to come up with a formation that can fit in bale, modric, vdv, huddlestone, sandro, Parker and Lennon. I’d probably drop Lennon and huddlestone out of them, play sandro and Parker holding, and give modric vdv and bale the freedom to terrorise defences like they can.

  13. ask yourself one question, once the richest team in the land in the sixties we end up a bit player crap club. Think back to the wankers who made it like that , one name Irving Scoular and another at a managerial level Pleat. If we had invested properly we'd be the Man U of London

  14. Levy is just a muppet who has to interfer with who the club signs when it has nothing to do with him, he needs to sell up for someone who can take us too the next level,a rich foreign sugar daddy is required as it's the only way you can challenge Utd, City Chelsea, Liverpool and the Scum

  15. Pi55 Poor transfer dealings once again from Levi.

    Redknapp has not got a scooby do about what went on in the transfer window and enhanced that by saying "its up to the chairman" or "I don't know whats happening"

    No additional purchase of a Centre half means Dawson will suffer and his England prospects will diminish.

    Our right back position with Corluka is wide open to raids down that side as he has no pace so why no purchase of a decent right back?

    How is it teams in the premier League get players with ability, drive and enthusiasm but we fall by the wayside?

    Mid table this season unless the players we have get some of the above…..

    Mr Misery"Modric" will go in January and thats my personal opinion as he does not want to play for us. Perhaps he will take Corluka with him..Still one can only hope….


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