A look back at Tottenham’s win against Blackburn


Peter Crouch

So who was expecting that then? Not only a clean sheet but a goal from Crouch as well. The lanky bloke has tried virtually everyone’s patience in the last few months (except Harry’s it seems) but here he was after four minutes, looking more like Alan Shearer than Alan Carr for a change as he rose above and out battled Samba to uncharacteristically power a downward header past Robbo. Our favourite keeper was too close to his near post and had left an inviting gap but Crouch showed strength, determination and technique in taking advantage of it.

Chasing this game via a series of dodgy streams round the internet wasn’t ideal but the graininess and pixelation somehow reflected the gritty performances that were being put in on the pitch. The tempo rarely slowed during the whole game and despite the good shifts put in by Palacios, Lennon, Van der Vaart, Crouch and even Jenas it was Gallas who stood out with an outstanding ‘thou shalt not pass’ type performance despite hobbling for much of the game.

Alongside him Bassong was lucky to be selected after his efforts at Craven Cottage but played well. Both full backs had their moments but won their respective battles eventually whilst Gomes, despite still flying the flag for eccentric keepers everywhere, was equal to everything that was fired at him. This included a couple of low drives in the second half from Diouf and Hoilett (I think) that would’ve passed lesser men.

Up front we rarely forced Robbo into serious action the glaring exception being Defoe’s weak left footed effort after Lennon’s superb sprint had left him one on one with the keeper. Defences up and down the land seem to have learnt that if you get up his backside and don’t let him turn then Defoe will cause you no damage. Unless he can find a way round this it’s obvious that he needs to up his strike ratio if he’s going to be effective for us. His spurning of the chance here to put us two up and grant some breathing space was totally representative of his performances over the last year and a bit and doesn’t inspire confidence.

Harry’s right to lower top four expectations, the money ahead of us is currently talking loudly. On nights like this though when the attrition to the squad means that we’ve got two keepers on the bench alongside two fragile centre halves yet to play this season but we still force a fine win you do wonder whether he’d be spouting the same stuff if we’d seen off Wigan and West Ham earlier in the season.

Bolton at home on Saturday and on paper a chance to make more ground on those above us, assuming we’ve got enough players fit to field a team of course.


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  1. It is the second consecutive time Defoe lets us down recently.. Against Newcastle after receiving a superb back heel pass from VDV putting him one to one with the goalkeeper, he failed to score by shooting straight at him as he often does. He should be cleverer and sharper when shooting.

  2. Firstly don’t judge a Team on Paper if you have heard me Banging the same drum for years and on blog sites for two seasons . I will give you a hint Tempo in the North west and now beyond is the new football it called squeeze and deny space . They chase and don’t allow any space Like Fulham did they have bean on my list for two seasons since they where in relegation trouble. The differents to normal play is no one tires so space is hard to find and with our horrendous injury’s we need to match this tempo and score early or after 15 to 20 mins the Tempo rises and we will have trouble scoring. Harry has loaned every impact player out and that is criminal Townsend and other players like Kyle Walker and Caulker must be shaking there heads in disbelieve


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