A look back at Tottenham’s win against Bolton


Niko Kranjcar

Everyone’s been a bit puzzled by how much Niko Kranjcar has been ignored this season and in general, when he has played he hasn’t done himself any favours, even given the usual disclaimers surrounding him being played out position. His left foot screamer in injury time to win this game though reminded everyone what he’s capable of and given the lack of goals in the rest of the side, might be the trigger to Redknapp using him more.

Another good win and as at Blackburn, one that owed more to grit and keeping going than style and panache. Without being anywhere near our best we got the better of Bolton by eventually making more of the few chances created and overcoming the concession of another soft goal. Smacking the ball straight at Gomes appears to be a reasonable tactic at getting the ball past him at the moment, this time he let Sturridge’s shot squirm under his body to let Bolton back into the game shortly after half time.

We’d taken the lead after a short period of typical Clattenburg comedy when he awarded two penalties in a few minutes, though his best was saved for later in the first half when he threw a paddy when trying to get the players to take part in a drop ball. Van der Vaart dispatched both spot-kicks but was forced to retake the second due to encroachment. He missed the retake but of course there was no chance of Twattenburg ordering yet another kick despite a similar amount of encroachment from the Bolton players on this one. When a third pen was awarded it was Defoe who grabbed the ball, but we were saved the familiar agony that results when this happens as the linesman had already flagged for a Crouch offside.

So we stuttered to half time playing narrowly and nervously. Van der Vaart was nominally on the right but there were often huge gaps in front of Corluka that Bolton didn’t take advantage of thankfully. The Dutchman went off at half time which meant that given the absence of Modric and Bale, we were left without all three of our traditional talismans. Steven Pienaar was sent on to the fill the void with Lennon moving back to his natural home on the right and we looked better balanced. Pienaar did well, nearly scoring himself and also getting Defoe into space with some much quicker passing than we’re often used to seeing.

After they scored Bolton didn’t threaten again too much with Kevin Davies clattering into people ineffectively and only Sturridge looking lively. But they also coped generally with any pressure we applied. The closest we came to retaking the lead was when Jenas hit the post from a free kick which he’d won himself.

Palacios had been having a good game but was swapped for Kranjcar with 12 minutes left as Redknapp went for broke. Pavlyuchenko had already replaced Crouch. Harry was rewarded when after the added time board had been shown the Croatian accepted a touch from Pav, slipped past Knight and absolutely leathered a left foot drive into the top right hand corner, the ball flicking Jaaskelainan’s hand on the way. Cue relieved celebrations from the crowd and players with Kranjcar doing well not to stick two fingers up towards the bench.

It was a valuable win but better news is needed from the physio room if we’re to build on this run of one defeat in fourteen games, we certainly need an excitement free international break ahead of Sunderland next weekend.


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  1. We overcame another bad injury news week with Mods Appendix we should all be Doctors by now what a year for the medical staff. They are earning there money we must have had nearly a full team injured at one time and its thanks to our squad we have manage to keep going. The problem is we have left ourselves

  2. krank SHOULD play the next game and have a important role for the rest of the season but twitch will leave him and pav on the bench????? Bless him. Unfortunatly we will lose krank and pav in the summer and replace them with ugly nev, beckham and prob some other x united oldy. But on the upside chelsea lost and its the manc darby next weekend more points will be droped. COYS

  3. We overcame another bad injury news week with Mods Appendix we should all be Doctors by now what a year for the medical staff. They are earning there money we must have had nearly a full team injured at one time and its thanks to our squad we have manage to keep going. The problem is we have left ourselves with a vulnerably small squad that will test any teams ability to keep winning. The problem is the relegation Battle is long and desperate there are a lot of teams trying to gain three points and another trying to get back into fourth even though there team is not good enough there energy levels have risen dramatically in there four wins so far and we will need to deal with this tempo every week in the finishing straight teams will need to up there game have some luck and in some cases win with a late goal to beat this extra energy caused by Managers losing there jobs and even part time ones trying to impress there new owners. We have had the luck the bad luck great finishing bad saves and great ones to beat Sunderland we will need Great finishing the later the better some Luck and great saves to get all three points and leave the fast improving Duracell Bunnies way behind where there proper form says they should be t They won today with a gift and bags of energy and that is sad for me and Football because it means my battle to slow the premiership down and allow talent to shine will have failed if King Kenny gets is energised team get in Europe. Why you may inquire because its thanks to them Europe has got slower and helped us to perform so superbly. It all started after there famous comeback Ufa started to test players for running too much without breathing so we have something to thank them for but having them on our tale is not funny with my Knowledge of there Tempo that Carragher shows so admirable with is bright red face and work rate. Forgive me for banging on about the Duracell Bunnies but this is what we will have to deal with in this shocking season of shocks we can do it if we get our big players back Tom Woodgate Bale and Gomes stops doing Robbo impersonations letting long range shots squirm under is wondering body on his six yard line he needs to stay on his line and shot stopping wil be easier or it will be long shots raining past him like Robbo had. If we do all these things fourth and beyond can be a realistic goal ignore th tempo and we will struggle and football will lose out to swallowed work rate.

  4. Not sure about Krancs starting- but surely he could come in if VDV is unavailable. Krancs needs to be utilised in the squad- for all Arry's nouse- he does appear to overwork certain players & then shouts players are running on empty. Use the Squad & develop trust from the whole squad. Pav, Sandro, Krancs, could be better utilised. Thankfully, we have shipped out Bents, Keane, O'hara, & Dos santos on loan- this trims the squad & should give a boost to the peripheral players.

  5. Good couple of wins. More points this season than last after 25 games. Sunderland (A) and Blackpool (A) (game in hand over Man City) are massive, either side of Milan. A win, a score draw and another win will put us right back in the mix, especially if Utd beat City.

    Hopefully Bale and VdV back in time for Sunderland. I’d stick with the 442 now, as we look a lot more comfortable. Bale left wing, Lennon back on the right in front of Corluka and Rafa in place of Modric until he returns.

  6. Now for my real take on the game we did really well to beat Bolton who where inspired by Clatterbollocks penalty retake and Chelsea sponsored Sturridge. All he did was make Harry send proper Subs on instead of hanging on subs , this was because sturrridge scored and Harry went for broke and Kranjcar who could have bean in Germany stayed and helped Spurs fans celebrate a famous weekend where only Spurs and City won in the top five Oh and Arsenal gave Mike Ashley a present 1 point and us Spurs a great week and six points

  7. i watched the game again on sunday morning and i still can't see how gomes let in that goal, if gomes was a pakistan cricketer their would be an enquiry, this is the second time this season that he has let in dubious goals & if it wasn't for a brilliant strike by kranc he would have cost us another 2 points. i was a big fan of gomes & i believe that he was the main reason last season for our good defensive record but i'm sorry i can't see how such a good keeper can let in goals like that. i challenge anybody to look at saturdays goal & not see that gomes dived over the ball. i was first suspicious when we played chelski, there was times when they were attaking and instead of catching the ball gomes kept punching the ball back to them as if he was inviting them to attak us again then when they couldn't score he let what could only be descibed as a disgrace of a goal, he literally threw the ball into his net. everybody makes mistakes we are all human but harry needs to call him in & tell him that if he makes one more mistake like that he can start looking for a new club.

    • Agreed. That shot wasn't too powerful and Gomes had a good long look at it. He hardly had to move. There was no swerve on the ball as it was a grounder. With all the money being thrown around on huge bets, one wonders. Especially when we r challenging big spenders like Chelsea and ManC. A lot of money invested and if they don't qualify for CL, that is bad for business!


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