UEFA plan major rule change because of Tottenham

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur broke new ground this season by reaching the final of the Champions League for the first time in their history.

However, the lasting legacy Spurs may leave on the past season may come in the form of an accidental and scary incident involving Jan Vertonghen.

In the semi-final first leg clash against Ajax, Vertonghen sustained a nasty head injury when attacking a set piece in the opposition box.

The Belgian spent a good few minutes on the deck, before being escorted off the pitch and checked over by the doctors.

Spurs then sent the centre back into the game, after it was double-checked by the referee, however, Jan only lasted around 30 seconds.

The defender suddenly waved to the bench, signalling that he would have to retire from the match, before struggling to stay upright due to dizziness and nausea.

UEFA President, Aleksander Ceferin, has now confirmed that new plans to tackle this issue are being discussed, with one potential solution being additional subs for head injuries.

FIFA and the IFAB are also involved in discussions, hinting at a rule change across all competitions.

He said (Mirror): “After Vertonghen’s situation I was scared that something would happen,” Ceferin said.

“Because it was clear when he came back that he didn’t feel well. He could die there.

“We will have discussions with FIFA about it to change the laws of the games. Assessment is easier [in 10 minutes]. Now it is crazy. And you can die because of that.

“I don’t see it as a problem. FIFA is also interested in solving this issue. If something were to happen we would regret it forever.

“You have to do something. And if it helps one out of a million players, you did everything [you could].

“The rule change wouldn’t influence the game, change the game or make it less interesting. Now it [the situation] will move. FIFA is very, very interested in this.”

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  1. The new rule change is not to make sure players dont drop dead on the pitch or when they go home. Nor is it incase they crack their scull or have a bleed on the brain no ofcourse its not its because wait for it……….. New UEFA rule change is because of Tottenham, you guys really need to grow up bloody plonkers.


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