UEFA President makes announcement that affects Tottenham in Europe

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

In recent years, Tottenham have become regulars in the Champions League, after finishing in the top three of the Premier League for three years running.

They also look set to finish in the top four yet again this season, meaning top European football in their new stadium next season.

Over the years, there has been much speculation about the format of the Champions League, and whether a new Super League could be formed among the big European clubs.

This would involve the biggest teams abandoning their domestic leagues and instead joining one League-format competition together.

This may not be a popular idea among many fans, as it would mean either competing in a Super League or the Premier League.

However, Tottenham, and worldwide fans alike, have been assured that this format will not be introduced, as the relationship between UEFA and the clubs within the Champions League is healthy.

This is according to UEFA President, Aleksander Caferin (Football London): “It seems shortly before my election (2016) European clubs were considering a breakaway. But we talked to each other, listened to each other, we understood each other and now we are united again.

“It’s not a promise, it’s a fact.

“Major clubs, if you had carried out your alleged plan, your clubs would have lost their status as ‘great clubs’ in the hearts of the people.

“The only thing ‘great’ about you would have been your past and nothing else.

“By respecting the football pyramid, the promotion and relegation system that lies in the heart of our sporting culture, results on the pitch, which sometimes differ from those in the account books, you remain great clubs in the world’s eyes.

“The greatest clubs in history. For eternity.”

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