United: Spurs out to end United’s unbeaten record


Harry Redknapp

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp is looking to end Manchester United’s unbeaten start to the Premier League campaign when both clubs meet at White Hart Lane on Sunday.

United are eight points clear of fourth-placed Tottenham, with a game in hand.

The Tottenham boss said in his column in The Sun: “As good as they are I do not think they are good enough to go through the whole season unbeaten.

“Even if they win the Premier League title this season, Arsenal are the original Invincibles and their record is going to stay intact.

“Of course, I’d love it if it will be my Tottenham team that ends United’s unbeaten run on Sunday and we have a chance of doing it.

“It’s not as if United are Barcelona or Real Madrid who are on another planet to everyone else.

“We can bring them down to earth and for the sake of the title race I bet everyone who doesn’t support Man Utd will be hoping we do.”

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  1. We can beat Utd has anyone heard who Gill has picked to ref to look after Utd and there massive depts. We have to match there energy levels because teams down here in the north are very fit and can run round for the full 90 at full throttle Blackpool are the cheapest and fittest Utd have learned the secret because of depts you have to find new ways of competing so if harry wants the secret pass on my email and i will tell him.

    • Davspurs, what is your address? I'm willing to buy you dictionary and a grammar guide.

      When you write the word 'depts' don't you see a red line underneath it? Don't you ever think 'why is that there'? The word is 'debts'.

      And think about using a comma now and again, the rule of thumb is that you should use it where there is a pause in a sentence. If you don't use commas, you give the impression that you are on speed.


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