Should we be worried about the Valencia defeat?


In a word, no. As I sit here writing this column, the match barely over, I can already hear pessimistic Spurs fans all over the world sobbing their hearts out for what lies ahead when the real domestic season starts next week. I wish I could somehow organise a mass reassuring hug and a warm cup of tea for the lot of them, but apparently the Royal Mail frown upon the idea of shipping hot liquid out to various parts of the globe and I couldn’t find anyone willing to dedicate the time to dish the cuddles out, so this article will have to do.

First and foremost what we must remember above all else is that this game is JUST A FRIENDLY. Aside from getting players fit and acquiring the odd unusual stamp on their passports, these matches mean absolutely nothing. A few years ago we played another quality European side in Roma and hammered them 5-0. The season that followed saw us on the brink of relegation and coined the unfortunate phrase that no Spurs fan alive at the time will ever forget; yes, I’m referring to ‘2 points from 8 games’ of course. Put the Valencia game into context with that example and you realise how meaningless the results of these games actually are.

What I also think we need to remember is that the season doesn’t start for another week and despite all outward appearances, surely to god there will be some new additions to the squad before we kick off against Newcastle. Defoe, who featured in the match against Valencia, was the only senior striker on or near the pitch for Spurs, with the closest thing to an alternative that young lad with the slightly gay slicked back hair. Take that into consideration and it’s a miracle we’ve scored the few goals that we have in pre-season so far! Hopefully the reports are true and we’ll soon have either Adebayor, Damiao or both at the Lane soon, which will make getting beaten 2-0 in a friendly in Spain a distant memory for us Spurs fans.

So to sum up, no need to panic. We’ve had a decent pre-season and the lads have looked sharper as every game has gone by. That’s the important thing to take from this and if the players had to get beaten 2-0 out in Spain to get that extra bit of fitness to bring to the Toon, then that’s a price worth paying if you ask me.

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Come On You Spurs.

By Craig Harrison

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  1. And Damio will be able to move from Brazil and settle in to a new environment in a week ?.
    Remember last sason where we were blown away in our first two games before Levy acted.
    I say no other club in Europe with Champions League ambitions would be sat with one senior striker at this time of the season.
    Levy has a ready made scapegoat thought so i doubt he's worried. I know who the press will go for.

  2. That's all correct..I would just prefer it if we had played well and won this game that didn't mean anything. And it is a huge IF about Damiou.

  3. I was at the game last night and it worried me! Friendly it might have been but Valencia took it deadly serious and Spurs put a strong team out. What worried me were two things. One how shaky the defence still looks, and two that although we had possession and moved forward nicely we never looked like scoring. Defoe looked nervous in front of goal and Bale got barely a look in. On the plus side, Lennon and Walker played well as did Siggy and when VDV came on we got an instant upgrade in class. We also badly missed Sandro/Parker as Albelda ruled the midfield and we need a Modric type player to make things happen from there. So yes I was worried as it's a week to the season and we look half-finished. There's potential there but I fear that it may take a while for it to come out.

    • I couldn't agree more and it's typical Levy leaving everything until the last minute. Let's hope I'm wrong but I expect that we will be trying to sign players on 31st August having made a poor start to the season. As well as a couple of forwards we need some additional wide players. Lennon always misses a number of games through injury and with Bale being kicked all over the pitch he could get a bad injury at any time.
      I'm going to Newcastle and can only hope that we have strengthened the squad by then.

  4. I liked Vertonghen as well, but agree Lennon especially looked in great form. But on another level I am very concerned, yesterday looked like it was as crystal clear that we need a striker (and even 2), a playmaker, and we REALLY need Lloris! As for Cesar I d rather play Gomes, proven to be MORE STABLE! COYS!!!! A couple of upgrades and we ll take the game to a title challenge.

  5. Yes we should be worried. Levy in my humble opinin is a truev master of bargaining, but lets face it we have needed a marquee centre forward for a couple of seaons now and we still haven't got one. One week to go and you expect us to get one by then, no chance. Just hope I'm wrong and we don't start like last year.

  6. Not a strong team with Jenas in it, he has failed to make the grade for the last two seasons, I know under AVB everyone has a chance but he is not in the same league as Parker and Sandro. Having big Tom back shortly will increase the centre midfield class. If Modric wants to sulk then leave him to it. I don't want Levy to sell him on the cheap. When the window closes he will have something to prove and a lot of begging to do with AVB. I hope we can get at least two strikers in and with the protracted demands that seem to be laying at Ade door do we really want him?

  7. Agree. And sometimes, good things happen out of bad. I did not watch the game, but looking at the match reports, we seemed to play ok. Jenas apparently did not have a good game, so hopefully that means we really will get rid of him. Just too much frustration. I am sure if will make Levy and avb get any business done with respect to a striker and many goalkeeper. And even though it seems like we don't need one, we might need to get a really good holding midfielder. Sandro should come back and do a job, but he tends to get injured often.

  8. Oh Dear our defence looked like they had no idea what they were supposed to be doing, the high line will be our downfall. Why did dawson and kaboul not get a look in they are bothe better options. Why o why did we wehave a midfeild with JJ in, he is total shite and we all know that. Why was Thuss not playing when he was on the bench. Livermore is not good eneough either. Sandro will not slot back in due to him been playing for Brasil he will need to be coached into AVB's way. Strikers, don't mention strikers. There si no way we will get 3 points, or even 2 point from the Toon. They must be ribbing their hands with glee. 4 0 I tell thee with the way we are going to defend. It's bollox, look at waht teh Arse and Cheslsite have done with their squads and we are still palying fucking Jenes!!!!

  9. The only two things I got out of last nights game is Jenas isn't good enough and Livermore needs to work on his passing if he wants to figure in AVB's plans this season

  10. No? Because 1, It's a friendly; 2, We'll soon have Ade or Damiao arriving like cavalry at the Lane. Dear God, those whose vision is clouded by blind optimism. How did you see the keys to type this?
    Here's the eyes wide open counter view.
    1, Rather important friendly, last of season,. pick your best team (as far as poss) for trial run for opening game. So not just a friendly. And being played off the park – which we were for long periods – is not a good rehearsal. (How technically inferior we were was frightening. Harried out of possession because we cannot trap and control a ball). Best that can be said is it might wake people up to the issues that we have not strengthened since the end of last season and without Modric or a replacement our join-up play is sporadic at best.
    2, The cavalry? Levy will pay £47m for Damiao? Who are you trying to kid. Yourself or the rest of us?
    In Levy we trust? Presumably you trusted him when he brought in Christian; Juande and Jacques – those icons that all the Spurs faithful bow to in the pantheon of great Lane managers.
    I so hope I'm wrong.
    PS: Given that we've run out of time before the Toon game, both in terms of fitness and integrating anyone into our changing tactical system, I suggest the following team: Friedel, Walker, Dawson, Kaboul, BAE, Sandro, Livermore, Lennon, Siggy, Bale, Defoe.
    Sadly I think that front four won't work back hard enough or efficiently enough, leaving Sandro and Livermore overrun. But we don't have a whole lot of options. We look imbalanced as a squad.

    • Agreed. I was at the game last night and although we started well as soon as Valencia scored we looked uncertain. The set pieces were rubbish and at one point the ball was kicked towards Gallas & Walker who seemed to be bickering about something and didn't notice! We seemed unable to play through the middle and what attacks we managed were mainly due to Lennon, Walker and Siggy. Bale was barely in it although he still strutted about a bit Peacock-like which was tiresome. As for Defoe, no one has been a bigger supporter than me, and he's had an awful summer, but for whatever reason he seemed very nervous and never looked dangerous.

      We aren't going to get Damiao as he's too expensive, probably not Moutinho for the same reason. Sadly to win things these days you need to spend cash, and on the evidence of last night we need to buy a striker and a midfielder, and get good people, not just bargains.


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