Van der Vaart: I was amazed to be taken off


Rafael van der Vaart - Tottenham Hotspur news

Rafael van der Vaart does not believe Harry Redknapp should have spoken about his recent injury.

Redknapp has stated that he regularly takes Van der Vaart off because there is a ‘weakness in his hamstrings’, a remark the 28-year-old wishes the manager had kept to himself.

“In my opinion he made a mistake in making his comments about my most recent injury,” said Van der Vaart.

“He took me off because he did not want to take any risks with me. I can understand that but I am convinced I could have played for 90 minutes.

“I was amazed to be taken off. I felt I’d played a great game. I scored and also three times put team-mates in one-on-ones with Arsenal’s keeper.

“But I could perhaps understand it from a tactical viewpoint. Arsenal’s left-back was continually moving upfield and I’m not the type of player who consistently runs after opponents.”

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