Van Der Vaart: I can play with Defoe


Spurs’ Rafael van der Vaart feels for Jermain Defoe as the duo battle for a starting spot.

Defoe has found himself on the bench for the last couple of games with Redknapp opting for the combo of Emmanuel Adebayor and the Dutchman.

Van der Vaart believes that he can play alongside Defoe and hopes to have the opportunity to prove this during the season.

It looks as if Defoe will be on the bench again this weekend, especially since VDV bagged a brace against Blackburn on Sunday.

“I just score my goals when I am picked,” Van der Vaart told the press.

“I feel that I am a starting player so I am not worried about starting, but of course I feel sorry for Jermain.

“I feel also that we can play together, so we will have to see what happens throughout the season.”

“I am now 100 per cent fit. I am playing and I am scoring goals – I can’t do any more than that. Every day I am feeling better,” he continued.

“I do not have to manage the injury, now I can do whatever I need to do on the pitch.

“In the beginning you have to be quite careful and you feel scared a little bit but now I hope it stays like this.”

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  1. This needs sorting because i truly believe we will not get into the top four and stay there with this system. Our football since Harry abandoned 442 we haves bean rubbish and heart stopping and we where lucky against Newcastle and Blackburn. ..When Harry changed our system too 4411 this meant two things happened we conceded goal and Ady form has suffered and he has not scored. also we are leaking goals and hanging on at Newcastle we failed and where lucky too draw in the finish. Playing Van has a loan striker has won us games in Harry's eyes but we scored and won playing better football with Defoe and Ady in a more balanced team this team will struggle to maintain our unbeaten record if Harry keeps playing 4411. This team is more balanced and creates more chances and has less defending too do. Friedel or( Gomes) Walker Dawson Kaboul ( Ekotto) Bale Lennon Huddlestone Parker Van Defoe Ady. . I can hear the gasps from my fellow fans for leaving the man who had an affair with Chelsea and still loves her but with Huddlestones passing Parkers tackling we dont need Modric and Van offers goals . These three are not solid enough to control the midfield Parker Modric Van i only one parker cant tackle in the middle. .

    • Totally agree Dav, No-one has said it yet .. but isnt it funny Ade the prolific scorer seems to be having a mini drought since he started playing lone striker up front with VDV. .. and all our strikers last year had the same … is there a pattern here?
      Another thing is when VDV is scoring and no-one else is we can only win by a slender margin as only one person is scoring. The one time he was out and the whole team was performing well we won 4-0 against Liverpool who are generally better than that. We need VDV in as an impact sub later, or with JD on the right Ade on the lefy and VDV inb the pocket in a 4-3-3 that would be hard to defend against.

    • I see the problem in a different way . The problem is not the VDVManu combi or DefoeManu combi . It's Harry insistence on playing 2 wingers against Blackburn when clearly we have lost midfield control . VDV have drop deeper to pick the ball & Blacburn defend with a higher line packing the field closer together . Not many teams will play 2 wingers these days . Harry is a idiot

    • I'll tell you what's wrong with your 433 – you're missing a center back.
      You're also moving Bale from his most influential position (although it could be argued that perhaps he should go back there for a bit as he's hardly having much impact at the moment).

      An exciting option and one which will never be used would be to play with three at the back with Walker/Lennon and Bale as wingbacks. The problem with this at the moment being that we only have two fit centre halves:

      Walker Bale
      Ade Defoe

      VDV really is a conundrum.

  2. Fried
    Bale Dawson William Walker
    Weasal Sandro Parker VDV
    Ade Defoe

    We put Bale in aq full back winger type thing as Tony Galvin used to play. Or bring in andros Townsend(hes more than ready) and put him in the Bale position and put Bale up front instead of Defoe.

    • You must be a sadist and have no nails a mechanical heart and be pissed when you watch us Blackburn missed a win and so did Newcastle and the ref slowed Wigan threat down. I never said drop him but he needs to earn is place in midfield not take a forwards place . The states speak volumes Defoe and Ady scored we won and kept a clean sheet and looked decent with Van and Ady Van has score a penalty Walker rescued a win and Defoe scored what should have bean a winner we hung on at Blackburn Defoe came on too late the player i would drop for now is Ekotto even though he is playing okay he makes mistakes witch lead or could too goals Walker Kaboul Bassong Bale Lennon Van Parker Modric Defoe Adebyor . Playing Harry's way means Defoe head wrecked Pav and Ady all not scoring and when Van stops like he did in January cold months on his stiff hammys we end up with no goals.

  3. Unbelievable comment by davspurs. Vdv-Manu combi offers much more than Defoe-Manu. Both games that Vdv started, we were away, naturally, our play is less offensive thus less pleasing to the eye. And both games, we were without king. I cannot emphasize the importance of king to our whole play. 3 goals in 2 games. Nuff said. Even with modders and Parker playing defensive.

    • Defoe will get his share of games in the season as will Pav. however I'd sell Pav in January as he just doesn't work hard enough for the team. We need a back up to Ade, someone like Rodellega or Doyle from Wolves. We looked so much better against Arsenal when Sandro joined Moddy and Parker, so i'd play 4/3/3 with Bale, Ade and VDV as the up front starters. Lennon not needed when you have Walker, great assist at Blackburn.

  4. I trust VDV more than Defoe as one is a world class playe rthe other a once dynamic England wannabe . Sadly.
    VDV delivers on the big stage but you never know when Defoe will turn up . Anyway, there are different merits to VDVmanu or DefoeManu or even the VDV Defoe combi but that's not the problem last Sunday . We were losing the midfield but all Harry is worried about was conceding free kicks ! What a 2nd class manager & idiot . Harry Gerrard & England are a good mix . Let's give Harry to England


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