Van der Vaart speaks on his Spurs future


Rafael van der Vaart - Tottenham Hotspur news

Rafael van der Vaart says he feels “at home” at Spurs and sees “no reason” to leave.

Van der Vaart has revealed the influence his manager Redknapp has had in helping him settle in England and stressed he has no reason to leave.

“Harry has made me feel at home,” he told The People. “He loves to win and he always puts a lot of attacking players in the starting XI.

“I’ve lived in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Madrid and now London during my career – so I’ve been in the best cities. But London is good and the schools are great for my son Damian…so there is no reason to leave.”

He added: “Last season I thought maybe we could achieve more than breaking into the top four – but we played so many games and it was too much for us in the end.

“Now we have a chance to be in the top two or three but I think Manchester City, with the squad they have assembled and with their individual players, are too strong this year.

“Beyond that, we should have the same ambition as anyone. Of course Man United always have experience and know how to win but, apart from that, why not? We have a good team.

“I really have the feeling we can achieve something at Spurs.”

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  1. I agree and as happy as I was with the win at Fulham I did feel sorry for them as they sure never stopped trying and that was despite their Euro midweek.

  2. Will iam glad you mentioned the midweek game because if Fulham played like that without help ? then this highlights we are not fit .Every game we have played barring the tow games we won 2-0 we have suffered second half blip by teams full of energy and around the 50 odd mins mark we have conceded and hung on. The last two games we have scored a third and eased our worry s the last one at the death. So this is not just Fulham but Blackburn so my question to our fans is this how can a teams tempo rise so dramatically that we only had 47 percent of the play and Fulham had 28 shots 13 on target 11 corners and we committed 13 fouls all by a team who played Thursday and won 4-1. Harry rested our entire team and we lost 1-0 so can any fan out there tell me how did this happened its like watching the same game every week . Teams are getting beat 2-0 then they score around the same time and there tempo rises too breakneck speed. All these teams Wigan Blackburn Newcastle QPR Fulham have all scored and played better after going down the tunnel at half time is it super fitness the managers war cry or the Toure and Kenny affect i reported a top team for using 3 seasons ago you tell me your version i no the truth?

  3. ere ere and what a decent bunch of fans too….crowd is close to touchlines an whenever our players were close not the slightest bit of abuse. Not often you see that.

  4. We're shite if you ewant the truth, Danny Blanchflower said for the spurs winning is about glory. I loved Dany so much that the only time I cried in my life was when he passed away. The cunts we've got now know nothing about what it means wearing the shirt and if VDV wants to fuck off let the prick go, we dont exist for him. We exist for the Jamie O'haras and Paul Millers that loved the shirt.

    • big g: Having watched Spurs for 40 years now,i can safely say that he is one of the finest players to wear the lillywhite shirt who plays in the true Spurs style.I am also sure that the great Danny Blanchflower would appreciate his skills.By the way neither Paul miller or Ohara would be good enough for the current squad let alone the first team. Coys !
      Jules, Spurs & Proud.

    • Then all football stars are cunts. What does it mean wearing a club jersey and doesn't win? I'll take players who can win for Spurs any day.

    • VDV did not say he wanted to leave so why have a go at him.Why not try and speak in a proper way without swearing,it doe not make you look big.(from a Spurs supporter for 51 years.)

  5. Big G, you continuously talk shit, even my 14 year old son reads your comments, and is amazed how much of a cock you must be. I get the feeling you are only young, or maybe have mental health issues. If so, I apologise for calling you these things, however, someone should be supervising you, and not letting you embarrass yourself so much. Stop posting such utter crap.

  6. Big G, you have proved that you are not very eloquent and have not got a clue. Paul Miller? give me a break. He had a lot of heart and tried hard but he was not really that good and only got into the team due to football connections as he was well below average as a teenager. Nobody got excited when they saw Miller's name on the team sheet but when VDV is picked their is always the anticipation that things might happen. Pride in the shirt does not really exist anymore and the players play for money and maybe the odd medal here and there. Tell any premiership football team that they will only be getting 10 grand a week each in pay and see who stays. Then we will see who has pride in the shirt!

  7. paul miller was all about heart and he played in a side that would trounce this one plus man city, can you imagine Hoddle, Hazard and Ardiles Villa versus this lot. Football has gone down a lot in these years as regards skill. You really understand that when you see a Spurs side get rubbished by Unclke Tom Cobley and all. We're going better this year but the level is still shite. Theres no one who can put his foot on the ball like Danny used to do. Paul Miller played in two Fa Cups won them and although not the greatest skilled player was always there like Jack Charlton. I think Big Jack won a world Cup medal didnt he.I saw Miller a lot and he was an unsung cockney hero unlike these fuckers from Bogafuckita whose names we can't even pronounce. Eloquent=been looking at Rogets Thesauras again tosser

  8. this is a note to big g and any other doubters, the glory,is playing the way we did against qpr,its 7 wins from 8 games,its winning 3-1 away to a very capable fulham,its about style,flair,panache and more importantly its about entertainment.
    we are enjoying the best spurs since the 60s,we have an entire 11 out on loan,we have an exciting youth system that stood firm against an established and profesional ruben all the way out in deepest darkest russia and then we have the 1st team,ask yourself this-who would you trade, place for place in the chelsea/scum/liverpool team?
    im not an arry lover ,but to be fair "we've never had it so good"

  9. Big G which team are u supporting, I think u r out of your mind when go against VDV. There is no such comment on VDV leaving the club. If u look closely about BPL this season, most of the premier teams using the TOT x players or loansfrom us…Only the best stays and perform in TOT. So Big G get your points clear and do feel free if u have doubt on the best team in BPL now…Tottenham Hotspurs.

  10. we had to scrap against fulham in the 2nd half and Jol's men played some great stuff thankfully without the killer touch that we've got. I just wanna see us keep this up until May coz Chels don't impress me, AVB is out of his depth and the JT thnig might break them this year. Also are man U that good? That said if Arry's health or tax affairs become an issue then that will do for us as well. Wouldn't it be "typical Spurs" if his heart packed in or his tax case found him bang to rights and screwed our season?
    Joking (well..) aside I wish Arry all the best of health his record for us is incredible compared to anyone bar Rowe, Burkinshaw and Bill Nick.

  11. Big G likes a container Truck Miller to a Van Der Vaart thats his choice en though Van is good for twenty mins or till he scores he then run out of petrol and we struggle to contain teams in the second Half. When Hudds playes he can stop teams attacking in numbers by hitting teams on the break with his 50 yard or accurate passes to Bale or Lennon Modds. Without Hudds we cant escape the sudden energy surge in the second half top up and all we do is lose the ball because Parker Van Lennon Modric can only pass short distances and with all the squeezing of space we getHu pegged back. What you need too do is look back if you have the magazines and you will see we created more when Hudds played and won more games easier.. How many times did we see Hudds get the ball near our goal move a few yards and release Lennon or Bale so my argument is this the one person i would drop to accommodate Van Ekotto and play Defoe in a 442 Friedel( Cudicini) Walker King Kaboul Bale Lennon Van ( Hudds ) Parker Modric Defoe Ady

    • Firstly, I think few would disagree with what BigTom brings.

      There are two glarying issues with this line up however, namely that you've moved two of our best players out of their best possitions to where they will have less impact. There needs to be stong justification for this!

      If you're looking to accomodate Tom, then it's probably Parker that should be the one to make way. Obviously with a horses-for-courses approach the central midfield three could be made up of any of the obvious choices with the option to be more defensive when needed playing two of Parker, Tom and Sandro. Modric could easily play in VDV's current position if necessary or desired also.

  12. RASCIST MEANS YOU DONT LIKE SOMEONE BECAUSE OF THEIR COLOUR OR CULTURE, thats not my slant but seeing many of you are ageists whats wrong in me being a rascist.
    You lot take the piss out of people like Dav cos hes 30 odd or essex because hes an oap ,that means that you dont like him because of his age, be honest for once and ask yourselves if thats any different from not liking someone because of their colour. I know Ken Livingstone hasnt explained this to you all yet but hey use a bit of fucking grey matter and put one and one together. Thats difficult.
    My all time best team is this
    Jennings Knowles Norman Perryman Hughton Ardiles Hoddle Mackay Blanchflower Gilzean Smith Sub Greaves.
    Thats my best side that I've seen play.Gilzeans a scot so would I put him in the team if I hated anyone who wasnt a Londoner.Ardiles is an argentinian and Jennings is Irish.We'd play 442 and manager would be Burkinshaw who in my opinion was a great great manager. By the way Gilzean was worth ten of defoe and five of ade.

  13. Miller was a container truck true but he was fucking brill. We let him go cos of Pleat who wanted that prick from Scotland Richard Coff when I hold your dick, he was a wanker who cost us a cup final, if Miller had been playing we'd have beat Coventry.
    A spurs man 100 per cent is worth any wanker we might get in for the money.
    Take the weasal from Plonkdom in Croatia, the little prick signed a contract but in a whiff of smoke hes ready to fuck off to Chelsea,
    Miller and O'Hara would never have done that, I'll give you another few names, Hoddle , Ruddock,Mackay , Danny, Greavesie.
    We fucking try and fucking appease a little prick who has already signed a contract with shit like please please stay. You wouldnt even do that with a bird wud ya.
    The thing is you should get players who wanna play at the White Hart pricks like Berbatov and the Man U traitor from Geordieland should be outed straight away.
    Thats something we can do if we run the club in the right way.
    I remember my grandad, who hated the scum more than any of you and fought the Krauts at Dunkirk, telling me bout Ted Ditchburn fisting Vic Groves in the gob and not even looking to get the ball away. Thats a Spurs man not a fucking weasal. Then there was Butcher Ward, read about old Butcher.They are all greats, some were not great technicians but run their heart out for spurs and by the way have a look at Miller in the old videos , for sure not a Tony Mancini.Work it out yourselves you dont get to play with Hod and co if you are shite.
    That dreadlock bloke is shit if you want the truth and Alan on match of the Day was right when he said hes a plonker, he looks good but Miller was three times him defending.

  14. DEv I know what you mean but theres always some kind of Unconscious kind of feeling behind VDV, like against City hes walking off disgusted so my thinking was "Hey wanker are you part of the team or not"But sorry if I was over the top to you and the others.


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