VDV: We are better than Arsenal


Rafael van der Vaart believes that Tottenham Hotspur are a better side than Arsenal.

The Dutchman, who has scored in five consecutive games for Spurs and is full of belief that the power has shifted in north London. Don’t you just love VDV!!

He told the press: “We are better than Arsenal.

“In our last seven games we have won six and drawn once. It’s a long season, but I think we have a bigger and better squad.”

He added: “Are we the best team in London? Maybe, but it’s still early. We’re in a good way. We are much better than we were last season.

“Man City are the best team in the league and below them you have a lot of good teams and we are one of them.”

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  1. Old news but true. Tottenham Hotspur are miles better than arsenal. We batter them every time. They did beat our 3rd string though in the carling cup (birmingham lol) which was quite an acheivment, well done arsenal.

    Arsenal are a joke and Tottenham are once again Top Dogs or Top bredders, Top bredrins as you immigrant arsenal fans like to speak!

  2. The Gunners are never a joke, I tell their supporters they are but between us here lets be honest=joke? No way.. I detest the gunners but they've never been a joke .

    • First team to field a team (including subs) without one english player = joke
      Losing to Blackburn (worst team in the premiership right now) = joke
      Relying on one player to stay afloat (van Persie) = joke
      Losing to Birmingham in Carling cup final = joke
      Losing 8-2 at Old Trafford = joke (ok, united are a good team…but 8-2???)
      There's more


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