Vertonghen expects Spurs deal to be off


Jan Vertonghen fears that his move to Tottenham Hotspur could be off.

The Ajax defender is entitled to 15% of the transfer fee due to a clause in his contract and does not expect the Dutch club to reach an agreement. The 25-year-old is also furious that an insider at Ajax has apparently leaked these details.

Vertonghen still wants to make the move to Spurs but admits that its likely the deal will fall through. Spurs are said to have agreed a £9.6million fee with Ajax, but the clause is proving to be the stumbling block.

‘This is a shame. I thought that it would be sorted out much sooner,’ he told Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

‘As it looks now, I’ll be at Ajax on July 2. I’m hoping for a solution, but I’m not expecting a solution.

‘I have one advantage: Ajax have got a good coach who knows me. I play in a good, stable squad. Let’s become champions with Ajax for the third time in a row.’

‘I’m shocked. The percentage is correct. It’s unbelievable. I know that at Ajax a lot of things are leaking. When you hear it about other football players, you don’t feel it. It’s different when it’s about yourself,’ he added.

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  1. all this rubbish about vertongen having hes heart in the right place and not in his wallet is rubbish!! if you want the deal that much, forget the 15% as your prob getting a huge pay rise at spurs …. stop being greedy and sign up already!!!

  2. i hope it goes thru, if ya want the move then just forget the bonus, ajax being greedy and not keeping to there promise then how could ya want to stay, i would def still leave

  3. Listen mate, if Daniel Levy really wants Jan Vertonghen then 15% of £9,6M which is £1.44M, isnt going to deter him from doing a deal and perhaps is just a smoke screen.
    If indeed Ajax owe's this to the player then surely this hurdle would have been brought up at the beginning of negotiations. Should push came to shove, the clubs would have compensated. I do not blame the player, perhaps both he and his agent were naive when he signed for Ajax, perhaps Daniel Levy was deceived by Ajax as well.
    I for one dont believe that the player is coming to Spurs this Summer and perhaps never will. We were perhaps led up the garden path by it all.


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