Vertonghen confirms he will join Spurs


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Ajax and Belgium defender Jan Vertonghen confirms he will join Tottenham within the next few days.

This is the news which is breaking on Sky Sports News at the moment.  We haven’t come across any quotes yet but will keep you updated as and when we get them.

A quality first signing of the summer!


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  1. Fantastic news to start the week-end. Now for two top class strikers and a slight tweek in midfield and we up and away. Hope his playing against England tomorrow so that we can get a first hand look @ our new rock @ the back.

  2. A good start to out transfer window, glad to see us moving early for a change. Hopefully we can ship out some more deadwood and free more funds up for wages for some more new talent to come in. Two decent strikers and a left back and that will do us!

  3. Thanks god for this!! I was literally having nightmares about it waking up all sweaty and scared shitless!

    I kept dreaming we’d miss out on this fantastic player and that he went to Arsenal haha

    My misses is gonna be so happy that i’m not gonna be screaming and shouting in my sleep anymore!

    We do need a class striker and a keeper now though so keep the good work up!


  4. i’ll wait until i see him in a spurs kit before i get happy and we need a winger or 2, keeper attacking mid as van the man can only play for 60min and 2 new forward.

  5. Don't understand how any spurs fan would want redkapp out, where were we before he took over? and vertongen great signing but getting champions league next season will be even harder with chelsea already splashing more cash than we ever could and liverpool expected to do better next season. Still need goalie and striker. hopefully top signings like this one such as remy and lloris.

  6. It's true!
    Vertonghen has confirmed the reason he is joining Spurs – he has a rare skin condition and cannot stay out in the sun too long so prefers to play for a club forever in the Shadow of their neighbours.

  7. Me too, we’ve had too many false dawns on the trade front in the last year or two. If JV comes that will be a great start to the offseason for us. With Dawson Kaboul Vert Walker perhaps Caulker and King as defence coach/occasional player we will look solid. Not sure if we’re going to keep Ade, otherwise get Damiao and Ba, Krul and a backup winger and we’ll be looking solid…

  8. Looked a good player last night….more left sided so hope this gives BAE the kick up the backside he sorely needs

  9. we need a striker tooo .. vertonghen's a really good buy.. and if he chose arsenal over us he's gona be a player arsenal will hate and we will love


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