“Very good chance” of Joe Cole joining Spurs


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Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp admits he has spoken to England midfielder Joe Cole and insists there is “a very good chance” of bringing his former West Ham protege to White Hart Lane after he was released by Chelsea.

The England international is ready to sort out his future after featuring in England’s World Cup campaign in South Africa.

However, Spurs could face competition from Roy Hodgson’s Liverpool, who are looking for a replacement following Yossi Benayoun’s move to Chelsea.

“You know he’s got lots of options, I think quite a few clubs want him,” said Redknapp.

“I had a great relationship with him as a kid; I signed him when he was 11 years of age.

“As I said before he lived for football, he was the best schoolboy footballer I have ever seen without a doubt.

“He has still got that enthusiasm I think, but whether there is a chance of getting him, I feel there is a chance.

“I don’t think it will be easy, but I think we have got as good a chance as anybody.”


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  1. wether or not we sign cole im not overly fussed but after chelskum sign benayoun is anyone else wondering why they would let cole go to replace him with…another not so great not so big all or nothing player.i have heard coles release was more political than money but he'll probrably go to the scum anyway

  2. Do we really need another over paid player? Chelski did not want him and they are the PL winners, if they felt they could do without his services why do we need second best? I would rather buy and pay for a world class striker (or two) as the position of Cole is already covered by others on the wing and in midfield. Call me foolish if you like but think about it, if he was that good why has nobody signed him yet? and don't use the away on England duty old hat, all players who are finding it hard to get a club say something to deflect the truth, the big clubs have not grabbed him because he thinks like a lot of players he is better than he is. I would not pay him 120k+ a week … would you?

    • Jay your reasoned,intelligent comments lead me to believe you may be a gooner.This making you of foreign extraction,could you please explain why you feel you are qualified to comment on a club/team that is English has supplied for generations some of the best footballers at club and international level and a club who,s players do not turn out to be pissheads,coke snorters or rapists unlike a good number of the Woolwich nomads. I realise this comment may be a little to subtle for you to comprehend so in a style you may understand you nuckledragger go away and die quietly theres a good bimbo

  3. Keanoson spend the cash on Forlan and Suarez then watch us go – Oh and Jay what the hell are you doing on a this site……koff out of it waster!

  4. There are issues over his fitness. He is direct competition for Modric, and goes with the policy of Spurs having two people in every position.

  5. After watching his World Cup form I think Forlan is the one to get. He's a proper C.F , sometimes a bit greedy but all the great strikers are. With a supply line from Bale,Lennon, Modric, he'll rack up 30 goals a season.

  6. Chelski didnt want him? and they are winners??? Mind you with out Joey chelskum would have lost against ManUtd and the current champions would have been Man Utd. Sure it was 1 game but heck it was 1 big of a game. He made the difference and it showed.

  7. If we get Cole, another center back,a top striker and our biggest problem a quality left back, which can leave Bale on the wing, we’ll have a team to beat any team.

  8. I wouldn't want Joe Cole, I do hope though Tottenham go after the Portugal left back and then Gareth Bale can stay left wing for us, i think fabio contracio or whatever his name was looked a fantastic player and he doesnt stop running do u agree

    • I agree about the left-back position needing reinforcement I've been saying that for weeks now. I question BAE's commitment to the game watching him play for Cameroon and the last couple of games for Spurs and even his comments about being a mercenary. I think we should go for Michel Bastos though

  9. ar5ena1 are kings of what exactly? the kings of winning less than Spurs in the last 5 years and of being Barca's feeder club I presume.
    Anyway here's to a great season at the Lane, let's win that CL qualifier and get some games against AC Milan, Real Madrid etc.
    As for Cole I trust Harry's judgement and think he'd be a fine addition. Get rid of Jenas.

  10. Can we not just talk football. Lets get back to what these comment pages are about.
    NOT fools using bad language and insulting other people.

    • Woody I really hope cole is another keane! I think people forget he has scored over 100 goals for tottenham and spent the peak of his career at our club! Not havin a go woody just still think keano deserves a bit of credit,players who have done a lot less for our club get called legends by some of our fans!

  11. Why would Cole join a team that hasn't won a title in 50 YEARS?
    That is NOT guaranteed Champions League football.
    Whose BEST ever season still finished below Arsenal's WORST ever season.
    Dream on & know your limits!

  12. ForeverRedLondon – Your quite sad really, why bother posting on a spurs website, quite pathetic.

    1) Football did not start in the premier league, im pretty sure your worst finish was not 1st.

    2) Joey will come to us, because at spurs, we have english players, so he would have friends, 5 of which where in the england squad, and probably persuading him to go to spurs, and he has strong connections with HR.

    3) Spurs are on the up, unlike Arsenal, when Fabregas goes, you'll be a fraction of the team you are now.

    Joey will join spurs mate, get over it. Your pathetic.

  13. its funny how the scum worry about us so much that they have to post on here..dont need a 100g aweek fairy boy at the lane thank you let him go to the scum its not like they have seen many english players so will give them an idea of the future the england team will be like with most coming from the tottenham team…….and jay mate 5 years is a long time to win nothing…must be dusty in your new ground trophy cabinet and before you go on you won this you won that mate thats history……………..all you can throw back at us

  14. left back that contreo that played at the world cup for the portuguese he is a serious player
    joe cole all day long you are an idiot if you dont want him
    forlan is a machine i would take him but how much do althetico want for him which is a big prob for a 31 year old
    micah richards please as well as a centre half

  15. Well He Is definately staying down south… He has been spotted looking at a house 50 miles south of London I will
    keep the location a secret for Joes sake. Hopefully he joins the mighty spurs COYS

  16. well said cjspurs lol i think joe cole would be a great signing for spurs iam a big spurs fan and i rate joe cole alot i know he didnt do well in the world cup but i think harry will get best out of him and playing along side modric,bale,sandro,palacios and of course his england team mates lol and hope he helps us to another top 4 finish come on u spurs

  17. LOL – Just put Joe Coles name in the ‘almost’ file with the rest of them, if there’s any room left that is!


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