Video – Disgusting anti-Semitic chant aimed at Spurs from some West Ham fans

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur fans have been using the term ‘Yid’ for many years now, with some people calling for an end to the famous chant.

The word in question can be used in a derogatory and offensive manor, and although it was originally coined by Tottenham supporters in an attempt to fight anti-Semitism, some believe it sets a bad precedent.

However, the Y-word certainly has some grey area surrounding it, and it is certainly not used in an attempt to offend by Spurs supporters, quite the opposite actually.

On the other hand, a video on social media this week revealed a selection of West Ham fans chanting an outright anti-Semitic chant aimed at Tottenham.

It is a shame that many in the comments of this vide used the Y-word chant as an excuse for this kind of vile behaviour from rival fans, almost as if they are allowed to be abusive until Spurs fans stop their own chant.

The video shows the West Ham supporters singing about ‘Tottenham’, ‘foreskin’, and ‘f***ing Jews’.

West Ham have since condemned the chant, with their own co-owner David Gold even coming from a Jewish heritage.

The club said (Independent): “We are disgusted by the contents of the video circulating on social media on Saturday evening.

“We are taking immediate action to try to identify the offenders, whose details we will be handing over to the police and will be banned for life from London Stadium and from travelling with the Club.

“West Ham United is unequivocal in its stance – there is no place for this kind of behaviour at our Club.

“We do not want people like this associated with West Ham. They are not welcome at our Club, they are not welcome in civilised society.”

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  1. Football fans, like the rest of society, is getting nastier and hiding behind annonimity of the web and being lost in a crowd. So WHU are disgusted. Well we can see two “grown up men” on this video, One of whom joins in the “fun” until it gets nasty, then drops out of singing when the morons around him go too far. But his neighbour is clearly singing all the way through.

    Are West Ham going to ban him?

    And before we get holier than thou, what happened to the idiot who threw a banana skin at Aubameyang and disgraced our club and insulted our own fans?

    Kick them out.


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