Video: Former midfielder outlines why Poch is the best manager in the world

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Former Premier League midfielder Robbie Savage has said that Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is the best manager in the world.

Tottenham currently sit third in the Premier League table, five  points behind league leaders Manchester City and Liverpool, and have one foot in the last eight of the Champions League after thrashing Borussia Dortmund 3-0 at Wembley on Wednesday night.

Spurs have managed to achieve this despite being without several key players for important parts of the season. Additionally, the club haven’t singed a single player for over a year and have played with the uncertainty of not knowing when they will be able to move to the new stadium.

Speaking to Willian Hill, Savage sighted the above points as reasons why Pochettino should be considered the best manager in the world at present.

The 44-year-old lauded the resilience and desire the Argentine has been able to instill in this Spurs team, and how raved about how much he has been able to improve players like Son Heung-Min.

Watch Savage’s passionate take on the Tottenham boss below:

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  1. Poch probably IS one of the best managers in the world, if not the best.
    But that does not mean he could be a ‘fit’ at Real or United etc..
    He’s almost like an old fashioned manager at Spurs, during a time when
    coaches of the big clubs don’t have much of a say in purchases/sales of players
    or much else.
    If he stays with Tottenham, he could emulate Nicholson, let alone Burkinshaw, as
    our best ever manager, but only if Spurs, Lewis and Levy, give him pretty much
    the run of the place, and include him in all financial decisions.
    If he moved to Real, he could end up another ‘stat’, as that club don’t remember
    their coaches (12 in 15 years?). He could even win the CL with them, but so what!
    There are loads of ‘forgotten’ and unheralded coaches at RM with that accolade.
    Poch wouldn’t have the kind of say at RM that he has at Spurs, nor would he be
    given time to build a project. His job would be simply to
    oil the machine, like some kind of caretaker. Remember Ramos? Sacked by Spurs,
    but later became one of the forgotten coaches at RM. Biggest job in football? Nah.
    Look where Pellegrini and Benitez are now, for example, and Ancelloti (good clubs
    but they’d give anything to be at Spurs). And, outside Zidane and Mourinho, they
    are the best known former managers/coaches.
    To a lesser degree, United would also not give Poch the freedom he has at Spurs,
    or the time to try and get to Fergie’s achieved level. Impatience destroyed Moyes,
    who was (until joining United) regarded as one of the best coaches out there.
    So, stay at Spurs and Poch CAN become the best coach, and Spurs one of the
    best clubs again, in the world. Go to United or Real and he could end up
    disillusioned like so many before him.


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