Video: Graeme Souness explains why Spurs may not be able to challenge for the title

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Graeme Souness believes that Tottenham Hotspur still have weaknesses within their squad which will stop them from challenging for the Premier League title.

The Sky Sports pundit believes that Manchester City and Liverpool are still a good bit ahead of Mauricio Pochettino’s side in terms of quality.

Souness acknowledged that Spurs now have a good group of players but there are areas where the opposition may look to target to try and get the better of them.

The former Liverpool manager did not elaborate on what areas he was alluding to, but one would have to assume he meant our lack of a back-up striker for Harry Kane along with our full-backs.

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  1. I am fed up with hearing this bitter old hack slag off Spurs. He used to play for us till he betrayed us and left for Liverpool, now he is utterly bias and puts us down with a venom and hatred that only an evil person could hold. Please somebody retire this doddering wrongun so we do not have to listen to his crap anymore. Go live in Liverpool if you love them so much….


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