(Video) Have Spurs hinted at Alderweireld staying?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur’s official twitter today released a video of the players filming for Sky Sports’ virtual team sheets.

Some eagle-eyed Spurs fans noticed the inclusion of Toby Alderweireld despite the rumours surrounding his future at the Lilywhites.


Although the Belgian defender is still currently a Spurs player, with days to go speculation to over whether he will leave to join Manchester United continues to loom large.

With less than two days remaining until the end of this summer’s transfer window, it could prove nervous times for the Spurs faithful.

However, this could provide Spurs fans with a small glimmer of hope that the 29-year-old could stay at the north London club.

You can watch the video released by Tottenham below.

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  1. Spurs offered Toby a good contract extension with a sizeable pay increase. Mourinho suggested that Man U. would pay more. We can’t blame Toby for wanting to see what would happen. Mourinho thought he was sincere but he had forgotten that Woodward is terrified to negotiate with Levy. So for the entire transfer window Woodward has been hiding quivering under his desk. The price is set but Woodward will not likely crawl out. I expect Toby to sign a new deal with Spurs and the 25M release clause will probably disappear. (why would he play a year at half the wage he’s been offered in an attempt to benefit the suitor who has failed to deliver?)

  2. WTF, I’m sorry but potch is more important than even(dare I say it ) Kane , where were we and some of the players before potch arrived,Kane had been loaned out to how many teams ,I can’t remember, he wasn’t pulling up trees, walker was ok,just ok,dembele who I must say since potch has been there has been my favourite player ,and the likes of rose was on loan at Sunderland,my opinion then was sell him and if we can get 4mill take it, all of the spurs players have improved 100% under potch and they’ve all bought into his ideas, that’s without what he managed at Southampton, Rodrigues even played at international level,Lallana and shaw too. Who ever he’s managed has punched above there weight,everyone has to buy into his ideas that includes the youth to( how do you think Barcelona managed to dominate European football, they had a way they wanted to play but it had to go through the whole club) I believe that’s what potch is trying to bring to Spurs . When we buy a new player unless they understand the way potch is trying to play they don’t get in. I’ve supported Spurs for over 50 years,and over the years we’ve all heard about the Spurs way, which may I remind anyone is about entertaining the fans,this is the best football I’ve watched since I can’t remember when, yes I want to win trophies but not watching footie George graham dished up or dare I say Jose is now serving up, so let’s have no more talk of getting rid of potch please .COYS

  3. If Toby stays we have enough good team with our (new) young players who showed us how good they are in the USA. The only two players that I wish to see are Grealish and Zaha.

  4. Absolutely agree, trophies in our nice new cabinets at our awesome new stadium will be cool but I don’t pay to watch a trophy for 90 minutes. I pay to have my heart rate and stress levels taken up a notch or two. I am 71 and have supported Spurs since the age of 11. I think these are the most exciting times. I trust in Daniel I love the way he speaks of being a custodian of our club. I trust in Poch that he has the character to make us greater than ever and I think most of all I trust in their relationship with each other. How many other ‘Big Clubs’ have what we have, Yep we will be challenging for the title this season but we won’t have bought our trophies we will have won them with a young exciting team who want to be with us. Toby’s good but if he doesn’t want to be here then goodbye Toby and good luck with Jose!


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