Video – How did Fernandinho escape red for smashing elbow down onto Kane’s head?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It was a night of VAR controversy in the Champions League last night, as UEFA cracked down on their new handball laws.

The rules came in favour of Man City on this occasion, as Raheem Sterling’s shot caught Danny Rose’s arm on the way through as the defender slid in to block.

Not used to these decisions being given in the Premier League, the Man City players proceeded to get into position for the resulting corner.

There was barely even an appeal when the referee paused the game for VAR to check the potential handball.

After reviewing the footage, the ref then awarded Man City the penalty out of nowhere, which was luckily saved by Spurs’ Hugo Lloris.

Despite VAR clamping down on this area of the game, it was apparently not in use when Fernandinho smashed his elbow down into the back of Kane’s head later in the game.

How was this not a red?

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  1. According to tv experts the ref saw the incident and took action so no referral required. I don’t think he did see the elbow and the action taken was for the challange. Should have been red, if Beckham gets sent off for a flick of the boot while lying on the ground then this is also red. Poor decision


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