Video: “I’d want to fight him” – Jamie O’Hara makes claim about Harry Kane

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Jamie O’Hara has claimed that he would want to fight Harry Kane if the Tottenham Hotspur striker had attempted to back into him if he was in mid-air.

Opposition fans have compiled videos on social media of Kane backing into opponents as they leap for the ball in the air, with the incidents resulting in the airborne player facing a potentially awkward fall.

O’Hara believes that Kane could break an opponent’s neck if he continues to back into players when they are in mid-air.

The former midfielder insists that the Spurs marksman could cause a serious injury to an opponent if things carry on as they are.

Crystal Palace defender Gary Cahill defended Kane’s actions earlier this month when he stated that there is nothing wrong with Kane’s actions and it is instead part of the game (Sky Sports).

O’Hara said: “If he did that to me I would be absolutely raging, I’d want to fight him,”

“For me, he should be either getting booked or sent off.

“I love Harry Kane, I’m a Spurs fan, but the way he looks into people, backs into them, and as they jump he backs in, wins a foul, goes down, he can seriously injure someone, he could break someone’s neck or break someone’s arm and put them out. He needs to eradicate that from his game.”

He added: “The refs, I don’t know if it’s in the rulebook or how it works, they need to put that in the rules to say if players are doing that, it is an instant booking or off.

“The Gabriel one and the Lallana one, you’ve got no control when you’re in the air.

“So if I jump up and think I’m going to try to win this over Harry Kane, if I jump up and look at him and think ‘he hasn’t jumped’ and then he backs into me and puts me in a spin, then it’s the luck of a draw, the luck of the fall then.

“You could fall on your back, you can fall on your neck, it’s really dangerous. That for me is worse than diving.

“As soon as that player jumps and he’s looking and the ball’s up in the air, as a defender you’re expecting him to jump as well. But he doesn’t jump.

“If the ball’s coming into his chest and you’re sticking into someone and you’re holding your back in, that’s fine.

“But as soon as that player jumps and he looks at you and he goes in and you go in a spin over the top of him, that is serious foul play in my opinion and it needs to be taken out of the game because someone’s going to break their neck.”

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