(Video) New Spurs stadium site worker angers fans with foul-mouth tirade against the club

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

A site worker on the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium has angered fans after launching a foul mouth tirade against our club.

The footage appeared online today and shows the worker filming himself inside the stadium allegedly saying “F*cking Tottenham, mate.  You f*cking c*nts.  Sh*thole.”

No doubt there will be repercussions for this idiot and the company that the club have contracted to undertake the work at the 62,062 seater stadium.

Tottenham fans reacted angrily to the footage and assumed that he must either be a Chelsea or Arsenal supporter.

Please note the below video does include audio of swearing – so be careful if you are at work!

No wonder the stadium has been delayed when we have muppets like this working on site.

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  1. How stupid this man can get. He is insulting the club that pay his wages. He ought to apologize so that we can at least not sack him and go to Arsenal, Chelsea or WHU to give him his wages that puts food on the table for his family. You are a shame to mankind. Just stupid and ignorant. I bet that he cannot even spell the insulting words that he said in this video. I suggest that no Spurs will go as low as him and insult him back so that we give him a lesson. COYS

  2. Lol what a brave little weasel, whispering on his phone then running off.Come back and see us we are the PRIDE OF LONDON again.COYS


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