Video – ‘Pochettino hasn’t got a clue how to use his players’ – Adrian Durham

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Tottenham Hotspur will be looking onto tonight’s Premier League fixture rubbing their hands, as their two main title rivals go head to head.

Spurs currently sit second in the Premier League, but have played one game more than both Liverpool and Man City.

If City win at home, Spurs will have closed the gap to Liverpool down to six points.

If Liverpool win, Spurs stay second, although will move nine adrift of the League leaders.

A draw would see both rivals drop points, and would still give Spurs an outside chance at a title push.

However, despite their superb festive form in the face of the toughest schedule in the Premier League, Adrian Durham believes Pochettino cannot manage his players.

The talkSPORT host argued that Pochettino should have been hauling Kane off over Christmas as his side went miles ahead in their games.

He cited the 6-2 against Everton, 5-0 versus Bournemouth, and 3-0 against Cardiff as prime examples.

Has Durham got a point, or is he stirring the pot as usual?

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  1. If I were required to choose between the opinion of Adrian Durham and that of Pochettino, I would take that of Pochetinno without a moment’s hesitation. Apart from anything else, Poch has far more information that Durham is not party to. But that never stopped any third-rate nonentity from throwing in his ‘superior knowledge’. How many football clubs has Durham managed now, remind me?

  2. Why do we even listen to this idiot .If we won a trophy he would still find away to criticize the club he’s just a hater we should all steer clear of COYS

  3. He is stirring the pot. Adrian has no idea what Harry is doing in training. Maybe Harry wants the “golden boot ” again this year. Lastly what does he know about coaching footballers. He should stick to pub jokes.

  4. The man is a joke. He has nothing to offer other than sh*t stirring. Kane has stated time and time again that he hates missing games/minutes. He wants to be out there scoring as many as he can as often as he can. I know all strikers want goals but Kane really is obsessed. He’s slagging off a manager who’s team is 2nd in the league ffs

  5. Let me see. Durham is a “journalist”? Maybe he is, more likely he is not.

    Pochettino is a successful manager. Who knows better how to run a team?

    I would suggest that Durham is a complete, repetitive plonker.

    Some of the Twitter posts were priceless!

  6. “Pochettino hasn’t got a clue how to use his players”. That’s why Spurs are second in the table, despite having by far the lowest wages and net expenditure on transfers of any club in the top 6. Adrian Durham hasn’t got a clue how to use his brain!

  7. He’s the go-to shock-jock for abuse of all things Spurs. That’s his party-piece, and that’s about it. His stupid statement in the headline of this article illustrates his antagonism and the low quality provocation that is intended to get mugs to phone him up. The phone calls are controlled from his end of the operation.


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