VIDEO: Redknapp – All games are difficult


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  1. There is agood reason why games are some times harder than the team sheets would indicate and the great leveller is over energized players there levels are very high shown up by Opta states. This is why there is a lot of late goals a lot of yellow and red cards and loads of manic swearing. All this is fuelled by fear of the sack lower wages by being relegated and the influx of foreign money demanding instant success for there investment. The way too beat this energy is before it kicks in normally after 15 mins. and ten mins after half times at Blackburn we did this and and held on. We cant keep playing like this and its sad too say Vans extra baggage is causing our defence too many anxious moments and some of our attack too misfire Modric Defoe and Ady games are suffering from the Vaart conundrum .Wie can do too things go three at the back or fit Van into a 442 system Friedel Walker King Gallas Kaboul Lennon Van Parker Modric Defoe


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