VIDEO: Redknapp’s post match thoughts vs Man Utd


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  1. harry,your team will never beat manchester utd bcoz you r good for nothing.your team is a fix deposit of six points to man fact harry,your team works for man utd.

  2. yeah we always lose to the mancs but at least we dont stink like their supporters. they fucking smell man, bigtime!!!!!
    They cant even dspeak english can they? If that fockin croat weasal had played a draw was on the cards. well done levy for sticking to his guns. Harry should tell players like that prick modric that if they sign a contract thats it.
    But man utd working for barcelona, they own uniteds balls . Wasnt it great when at wembley of all places they were humiliated. special pleasure was the english modric Michael "Im a geordie fink"carrick being made to look like a prick by the spicks. fink did look shit didnt he? the other fink from bulgaria couldnt make the team so it looks like we came out of it well. If levy and harry keep thinking of us as abig side then our day will come.then remember to piss all over united fans


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