VIDEO REPORT: Adebayor to Spurs


Check out the following video report on the Adebayor to Spurs news

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  1. I think he will be a sensation but i hope this does not include Lennon in the deal because selling him would be a massive mistake and would ruin any benefit we would gain. Lennon does a lot of tracking back and has that explosive speed that is very rare and is only 23 we must make sure City leave our starst alone.

  2. Lol, he’s guff and no one keeps him.

    Who else is in for him??? No one lol.

    His attitude will make you even worse than you are and imagine if he’s subbed. Won’t happen he’ll be a Harry favourite lol.

    I thought you were in for Aguero not long ago, it seems like that may be ballshine, adebayor is more Arrys car boot level.


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