VIDEO REPORT: Chelsea to offer Kalou in Modric deal


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Chelsea are ready to offer Saloman Kalou as part of a deal to bring Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric to Stamford Bridge according to reports.

Click on the video below to have a look for yourself.

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  1. I really hope this isn't true (like most stories in the press this summer). I'd much rather us get Daniel Sturridge instead.

  2. ChelseadDickheads. At the very least, make it a decent offer – 100 million pounds PLUS Lukaku PLUS an agreement never to play Modric against us PLUS 50% sell-on fee….or read the part that has stated, repeatedly, that Modric is not for sale!

    • nope not for anybody in my eyes luka modric is NOT FOR SALE at any price or plus any player.If we sell now i believe it would be catastropic.(i think i spelt that right) He is our best ball retaining player and creative passer we would all be kidding ourselves if we think that we wont miss the little magician in the middle.

  3. If AVB doesn't start well, which he hasn't, Chelsea could struggle. They badly needed someone like Modric at the weekend. They're an ageing team. Yes Torres looks back to his best, but it is early days yet.

    We were unlucky not to dump Chelsea out the top four last season. In both games we were winning, before first Drogba handballed it and gomes was gomes – 1-1. Then again we were winning and Gomes gave the referees a chance to award them a goal, which they duly obliged and then their second goal was offside. Chelsea were unravelling at these times and it was unfortunate these decisions on the field went against us. Yes I know we don't know what would have happened if things had panned out differently; 'the fundamantal problem of causal inference' etc etc, most things indicate it would have been in our favour however.

    They need him, we need him, we've got him, don't sell him. With a little bit of (perhaps blind) optimism and ambition, Chelsea are our rivals. It would be a double whammy if he goes, just like it might be if he stays.

  4. Get on the phone to them now, offer 30 million and Drogba.

    Then play Defoe and Drogba up front. VDV and Sandro in the middle. Lennon and Bale with a licence to swap wings.

    Leaves us with a good budget to bring in another quality striker and centre back.

    No point keeping hold of Modric if he wants to leave. Would just need to convince VDV he cant go on a walkabout.


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