VIDEO: Stoke City boss Mark Hughes on Tottenham test

Image: SpursWeb

Stoke City manager Mark Hughes faced the media on Friday ahead of ‘The Potters’ trip to face Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League on Sunday.

When asked if it is a good time to play Tottenham Hotspur, Hughes said: “Difficult to say. I mean…. the thing you know with the side and the squad that Tottenham have got, that on their day they can beat anybody in the Premier League. If everything flows for them and, and players play well to their maximum then it’s, it’s a very difficult fixture and they’re a top side…. and like I say, can beat anybody. But…. I think if, from our point of view, if there’s any lack of confidence then if we start well and we’re, we have the ability to show how confident we are, which, we’re in a good place in that regard at the moment, then that can effect the opposition, be it Tottenham or anybody else. So, it’s really up to us to make sure if there is any apprehension in the play that our level of performance effects that.”

Asked why manager Mauricio Pochettino has been unable to bring consistency to Tottenham this season: “Given the reasons I tried to put forward earlier on, he’s obviously dealing with that and he has European games late in the working week as well. So, I would imagine he’s as frustrated as myself and other managers in terms of his working week, it is fragmented at this moment in time and it’s not easy to get the work on the training pitch that you feel you need to, to put in place. So maybe, maybe it is having more of an impact there, I don’t know how, how their working week is structured, so I couldn’t really comment on it, but maybe, if you’re looking for reasons, maybe that’s one of them.”

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