Video: Watch what Gareth Bale did after Zidane kept him on the bench in Madrid’s final match of the season


It has been almost six years since Gareth Bale swapped North London for sunny Spain (BBC), and in that time he has scooped four Champions League winners’ medals.

However, it has been far from a fairytale experience for Bale in Madrid, as the fans have failed to take to the Welshman.

This has led to rumours linking him with a move back to Tottenham this summer, whether it be on a free transfer (Express) or a £10m loan deal (Daily Mail).

If this deal was to go through, it would have been Bale’s final game at Real Madrid this afternoon, but Zinedine Zidane chose to keep the star on the bench for the game.

Bale returned the favour by walking down the tunnel back to the changing room at the final whistle, instead of joining his teammates on the pitch and clapping the fans.

Zidane spoke in a post-match press conference (Daily Mail): “He [Bale] has won a lot here but we live for the present and the future. We will not forget the past but we have to live for day the day to day.

“I have counted on other players in more in recent weeks, and if I had a fourth substitute today I would not have brought him on.

“I make these decisions when it is right to do so, and I must act in the best interests of the team at all times.”

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  1. Pray that Spurs does nothing to re acquire Bale – that would destroy all the progress of the last 5 years and almost ensure that Pochettino would leave. N’Dombele would be 5 -10 times better than Bale and also have a future with the club.

    • Bale apparently intends to do that anyway, according to people who know him. How sad that after all this time he doesn’t know where he’s wanted (Tottenham) and where he isn’t (Madrid). Or maybe it just doesn’t matter to him, and he skipped through the dressing room and home to count his money.

  2. Let’s get this straight, when Madrid had a hard-on for Bale and wanted to get him from Spurs, it was ZIDANE who was constantly out there in the press blowing smoke up his ass. His shameless public slobbering over Gareth to tap him up isn’t forgotten.

    Let’s not forget that Bale won the Champions Leave for Madrid last season, off the bench, scoring one of the most incredible goals you’ll ever see. He saved Zidane’s ass after being humiliated by him yet again. Is it Gareth’s fault they pay him that money? Would you take a pay-cut at work because your new boss doesn’t like you? The fact is Madrid are t*rd without Ronaldo and ZZ is hiding behind the fans dislike of Gareth to mask the fact there’s been no miraculous turnaround in results since his return.

    Zidane just needs to stop being a little b*tch and man-up. Just say you don’t want to work with him, that you want to sell him to finance building your own team. That it’s not his lacking of skill but his history of injuries. Everyone outside the club can see what it is, but these professionals paid a fortune can’t nut-up and be honest. Gutless!

  3. We need this guy, even a half fit Bale would have won us more games this year. Swap him for Eriksen, need to keep Alderweireld (please….), lose Tripper, Davies (sorry Welsh people) and Aurier, bring in Sessegnon and at least 3 more quality players.


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