YOUR VIEW: Who was your Spurs Man of the Match vs Fulham


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Following Tottenham Hotspur’s 1-0 win against Fulham on New Year’s Day, we want to know who YOUR Spurs Man of the Match is.

Which of Harry Redknapp’s players impressed you the most?  Leave your votes below:-

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  1. Gallas was awsome… Dawson cleared off the line and had a good game, but he gave the ball away stupidly a few times. Gallas was solid and nothing got past him.

  2. The real man of the Match was Fulham's Tempo, when teams visit Spurs Energy levels rise dramatically and the more trouble the managers are in the higher the Tempo i no How these teams up there tempo and why we struggle when desperation arrives at the lane. I no who is using this top up tempo and if i was a kiss and tell person i could cause a big scandal . But for now i will just say second half Tempo and the Manic chasing of the ball is caused by strong Lucazade . Let me give you a fine example Sunderland 0 Blackpool 2 Sunderland had 32 shots and couldn't score the work rate of both teams was staggering and so is the weight loss. So don't be surprised when we come up against this Tempo because with better weather and no New Year to distract us we would have scored more goals to relive the pressure. I will make sure West Ham and teams desperate for points no they are being watched. When Fulham played Avram Grants team he was on death row he had three matches to save his job. West ham came out with a second half tempo to beat Fulham they beat Wolves who beat Liverpool who beat Bolton Whose manager Roy was on death row won with a second half high tempo win I will say this in defence of some Managers not all of them no what's going on and its back room staff who i discovered upping the Tempo. When Hughes team beat Stoke with a very high work rate even Danny Murphy headed of the line/ Harry needs to make sure he looks out for this Tempo and it rises with how desperate teams are when they come to the lane including Utd in a few weeks. This tempo is common in the North West and teams beat each other regular just look at Bolton when they play teams in the north they get beat. I hope this helps when you are assessing our players performances in future

  3. Has to go to the MOD yet again,
    What a top player he is…
    Heard a rumour we are after Fabregas….. We need someone to lace Modrics boots….


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