YOUR VIEW: Vote for your Spurs Man of the Match vs AC Milan


Following Tottenham Hotspur’s fantastic 1-0 win against AC Milan, we want to know who YOUR Man of the Match is.

Leave your vote below.

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  1. Lennon with his magical arms that seem to propel him through space and who knows, maybe even time it’s self.

    Of course, Crouch FTW

    Sad to see no Pavlyuchenko.

  2. Brilliant. Motm? All of them. Fantastic. Was so worried about palacios and sandro in midfield, but they were brilliant. Defence; brilliant. Crouch; brilliant. So proud right now

  3. Let’s hope that minority of doom-saying pessimists who have sniped at Harry Redknapp for so long will now finally give it a rest.

    Whay a blisteringly exciting night. That is why we follow this team.

    • Here, here!!! Crouch may not be the number one choice for every game in the PL, but he shows his class in the big matches like these and is an invaluable squad member.

      Stop knocking him!!!

  4. Gattuso is what he is a fired up player who hates to loose.He is a quality player with a temper from hell.Rather play with him than against,however Flamani or however you spell his name now he is a cunt.Gattuso did what he did through that temper but what Flamani did had no excuse and should have been sent off but what a night .We have given ourselves a real chance to go into the last eight Jesus yes the last eight of the CL .I think Harry deserves a lot of credit tonight.He got his team just right and made the right subs .Well done the lads and well done Harry.Come on the lads.Come on you Spurs.

  5. Great result! Gattuso and Flamini almost had me kicking a hole through the telly…little c****. There's only one Aeron Lennonn………………..

  6. Gattuso for me is and always has been a player who plays with his heart and a temper from hell.No excuse for what he did but i can see why.He loves Milan and hates to get beaten .He is the sort of player we could have done with years ago .Would not take him now hell could you see him and Joe in training.More cage fighting than football.Great game by the boys and a super result.Sandro was a towerin the middle and tracked back some many times .Gomes played a blinder on everything his best game by a clean mile for ages.Top top game by the lads and Harry played a blinder .Picked the right team and got his subs right on the money.Well done Harry and well done the lads.Come on you Spurs.

  7. frustration of top class players like milan only showed that we finnally reached that state of butchering top teams from other leagues…THATS THE ENGLISH FOOTBALL YOU ITALIAN BASTARDS!!!

    …our ”B” squad slaughtered italian champions…i dont think that even in london we should put our best players…not necceccery,…sunderland is 3 levels above milan football…just very very old style…even west ham can crush them,it was just too easy,not competitive at all…after 5 minutes anyboy can saw that they are really poor…and if we put our best players on Lane they can just destroy them and put them in hospital…

    harry sad that he will put kranjcar in starting 11,but he started defensively,also he didnt escpect that they woul be so weak…but if kranjcar was from begginning then result will probaly be 3-0…they get lucky,normally they will drink 4-5 goals from us…

  8. There cannot be a man of the match as they all played brilliantly. The people defending Gatusso and saying he is a quality player, what fucking games do you watch? Souness described it perfectly, he is a dog at best. He harrasses players and that is it, he cannot pass it apart from going sideways or backwards, he is no threat going forward whatsoever. He is well past his best and his best was sub standard anyway. The fact of the matter is Spurs are struggling to get into the top 4 again this season and it will be a hard task to do. Milan are top of their league by 5points. It just shows how poor the Italian league is. I watched Napoli play Roma the other day and the stands were basically empty. That was the 4th place team playing the 6th place team. Bottom line is Italian football is a joke. Oh and heres to hoping Gatusso develops cancer soon.

  9. Worth staying until 6 a.m. !!
    Sand-lacios get my vote. They CAN play together.
    HR made perfect substitution,for the first time ? With all due respect to Kranjcar,think it's better for him to come in later in the game.
    Hope Charlie is OK for the next game.

  10. ALL OF EM Especially JOE’.Milan r Pathetic bunch of losers i say. Neways b cool n RIP their Lungs out at The LANE…..GO SPURS…..!!!

  11. amazing, would loved to have seen pav play.. but fair play to crouch hats off. he did ok. thought sandro was magnificent. lets not get carried away . milan were poor and will have to be better the next leg. william gallas , what a man… i would go with pav up front the next time with bale on the flank on modric and sandro in the middle.. come on pav.. come on you spurs…. yes!!!!!!!!

  12. Brilliant! Everyone single player. Even Harry was spot on with his selection. Sticked to his game plan. Didn't just sit and there and defend when many "experts" suggested he do. Played our game and beat them. Gattuso is just over passionate. He was still wrong but…I'm sure VDV would have done the same. They play with their hearts in it. I hope we give Flamini hell when he comes down. And his reaction after the foul was worse claiming that Corluka was play acting. Hope Corluka is fit for the 2nd leg and gives him a good kicking!
    If only we can play like this in the Premiereship! We would be Champions!

  13. van der vaart was quality whilst he was on imagine if he was 100%, what a lobbed effort, Gallas again my MOTM, but Sandro not far behind, Lennon was great.

    I think 451 is our formation VDV off Crouch

  14. you show your fucking ignorance here about gattuso, hes a top geezer on his game but someone like lots of southern italians he think they are hard men. jordan is not without blame. if you want a wanker then its snide grease ball flamini.also if you don’t recognise what gallas did last night then you dont understand shit. he was mag.I was in the san siro and he stood out from the start

  15. I hope that you join the gunners tosser. I prefer my west ham mates to tits like you

    you tit tez or taz or toss whatever your name is. no offence squire….of course

  16. one of the things that you all miss out on is Jordan called gattuso a fuckin italian bastard so look at it this way , if jordan had called someone a jew bastard or a nigger, well in the uk he'd have lost his job. why is it then ok to call an italian a fuckin italian bastard. thats rascist ain't it? if it was just fuckin bastard thasts not rascist. I don't even give a shit bout rascist comments but lets set the record straight and our tabloids called ringhio gattuso a mafiaoso, thats rascist as well= guess what ? now we can't insult jews or blacks anymore we give the italians the punishment. that us =wankers
    just the same as if you called a pakistani a paki bastard.

  17. as soon as the game started gallas got going with great marking, a great unsung hero who made sure we won. there were other great performances such as rodney trotters frst half, he was mustard and also dawson but it was gallas who did the real bizz against ibrahimovic ,


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