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The Sunday Mirror are reporting that Robbie Keane is set to join Aston Villa.

The Tottenham Hotspur striker spent the second half of the season on loan at Celtic and is being tipped for a permanent White Hart Lane exit this summer.

According to the report, Villa are prepared to meet Tottenham’s asking price of £15million for the Republic of Ireland international, which can be funded if James Milner leaves Villa Park in the region of £30million.

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    No way anyone in their right mind would pay this money for Keane.

    Even Levy the master be hard push to get 10 million.

  2. This would be Madness to sell experience lets look at this practically who are we going to get to sit on the bench the Answer is no one . So my answer would be 15 million sounds good but what if he scores the goals that stop us getting champions league next year. We lost games against teams with ex players playing against us Pompy the cup Sunderland Fulham Utd just to name a few . We need to keep our squad tried and trusted will do the job the revolving door has got to stop and our best singing is continuity all wee need is a little tweak or we will end up like City expensive strangers ..

  3. 15M in the purse!!!!!!!!!!! Why not? Sell JJ, O’Hara, Palacios & Pav. With the money we can get a good strike partner for JD. A world class striker to bolster the atttack for next Champs League.

    • So you want to get rid of 3 midfielders even though there was a point in the season where we only had one fit central midfielder.

      Why is this man not in charge people..

    • tottenham are brill very gd season defo!! i think sell kean sell pavo one in the midd as well get 2 top players why not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! money then will be there can and may go all the way next seas yes cum on

  4. yes sell jenas, ohara, do santos, bring in sandro, joe cole and benayoum. sell pav and keane bring in bellamy and sign up gud. get a right back to challenge corluka and a cover centre back and sell kaboul who we got rid of for a reason does everyone agree team improved

  5. I think most fans know keanes time is up i think the fee will more likely be about 10 million if we can get Gudjohnsen back plus another top forward i dont think he will be a big miss

  6. Definately sell if we got 15mill. I hope we can keep eidur for another year to avoid the need to go looking for another striker. I suppose though if someone of real quality became available then we would have to go for it. I see Modric coming on next season as a central midfielder so we may be able to offload Jenas with Sandro coming in and Livermore and Bostock as back up as long as they do progress a little. O'Hara should also be sold, he wont be popular amongst many fans and probably one or two players as well on top of the fact that he wont be happy to warm the bench. With the amount of players we had out on loan, I expect there will be plenty to assess and see where we are short: Giiovanni and taraabt i expect will go but i will be interested to see what happens with Caulker, townsend, mason and smith, they all look good players. I am not sure about players to come in but that will depend on what the prospects of woodgate are and if Pav is staying as well. Lots to contemplate.

  7. Wait on a cotton-picking minute here, 'We wont miss Keane', what the hell are you guys on, WE HAVEN'T MISSED FOR THE PAST FIVE MONTHS, We've improved both team spirit and performance without him,. Sure he's done OK up in Scotland, and any money of note we can get, take it and fast!, but all this sentimentalist slush about the man who happily dropped us in the cart, I really cant abide

  8. Can’t see the point in selling keano to one of the teams who could challenge our top 4 place! Keane would without doubt strenghten villa. I sometimes think think some spurs fans have short memorys when it comes to keano he has scored a lot of goals in a lot of important games for spurs. I no what a lot of people will say he sh+t on us when he moved to liverpool but I still think he felt it was the right move for him but it bit him on the arse,but he still had the balls to come back and help us out of the position we got ourselves in. Let robbie have a good pre season and he will ensure us goals! I no some spurs fans can’t accept him leaving us when he did but I still love Robbie Keane! There is only one keano. COYS

  9. We've already made a profit, even if Keane left for nothing! We've bought him twice for 6.6 and 12 million and sold him once for 20. In effect, we've had well over 100 goals from him for wages (and over the years, how many shirts has the club sold with his name?)

    If it is agreed that his time has come, then any money Levy can wring from a buyer's purse, is a bonus. That said, if the silly money being talked about (15 million) comes in, together with the 26 million, if we fail to hold on to Modric, who should we spend it on? A couple of weeks ago, there were rumours about us bidding for Fabiano and Schweinsteiger. I'd hate to lose Luka – but I would love to see either or both those players coming in.

  10. one guy said 1.5 mill is steep for keane. all you have to do is look at his goal scoring record even with celtic this year keane is a great player and i think we need him and his experience for the champions league

  11. lets hope this deal does go through, we will be laughing to get 15m for keano, who looks like he is finished as a striker in the big boys league not the crap scottish league.

  12. Fair play Brian Davis and Grant ! Apart from you, everyone else seems to have a benign case of Amnesia !! You laugh and ridicule a person who was a fantastic servant to the this club. He scored when it mattered, rallied his team mates brilliantly, he had a love love relationship with every fan. Then he has a golden opportunity to join his beloved childhood team at the twilight of his career and he is cast aside like yesterdays newspaper. Grow a pair the lot of you, and show some respect to a fantastic player for his club and country. I ask all of you, what would you do if you were playing for Fulham and Spurs came looking for you ???? End of !

  13. Some interesting comments on here regarding Keane, I too am in agreement with Papillion and Sheikh352 why are we selling Robbie? I still think he cuts it as a striker why if he is going to be sold are we selling to one of our rivals? No we don’t need to be selling Robbie Keane the money might sound good but who do you buy to replace him? Ok so he hasn’t been prolific in front of goal but he still scores them now if we can get our midfielders to weigh in with a few more as well then where’s the problem? He’s one man you can’t expect one man to do all the work, I bet you if we find that missing piece of the puzzle (attacking midfielder who scores ten fifteen goals a season) then the likes of Arsenal should be worried but where do you get such a player? How much will he cost? More than fifteen million that’s for sure. Still want to sell Robbie? Realistically we are only three or four players from where we want to be in terms of challenging and competing at the highest level, wholesale changes only serve to upset the balance. You don’t see Manchester united doing fire sale or Chelsea or Arsenal we’ve already proven the quality and depth of our squad so just a few tweeks here and there plus allow for injuries and we’ve cracked it. Simples. Lillywhitetilidie.

  14. I hope this happens, Evryone knows Redknapp is a huge fan of ashley young, villa's squad isn't the best and with randy lerner not giving him the funds required i believe it could be on. However we need to concentrate on our weak aspects of the squad which in my opion are one maybe two strikers and two quality fullbacks rb and lb if redknapp chooses not to play the boy bale at fullback. I agree with lillywhitetildie about the lack of goals from a potential attacking midfilelder. I am not a manger or a scout so i would not know a possible player however hamsik looks tidy.

  15. I think there must be some kind of error…do we have to pay villa 15mil. to take Keane? Let's chop JJ, Keane, O'hara, Hutton, Dos Santos(I kind of still think he could come good)….bring in Dzeko and an attacking midfielder(Van Dar Vaart would be excellent, and I think might be possible), I don't actually see where else we need strengthening, maybe competition at LB.

  16. The only striker I think most likely to get the chop is Palychenko. The boy just dropped off in the last few matches and is simply not good enough for our CL campaign. In fact our strike force is the most worrying department. Our best two strikers; Defoe and Crouch are no where near CL class to make a meaningful assualt on the competition. Keane will not be sold unless someone come in with a riculous offer, which 15mil is. Else as rightly pointed out, his experience from the bench wiil be required at some part of the season. We need at least one more marquee striker and judging from Harry's comment, he feels the same. Dzenko, Huntelaar, Suarez etc… I'm sure we see a arrival in that department

  17. One small problem, Jermaine Defoe is totally over hyped. Robbies goals come much cheaper when you look at team play etc

  18. Harry clearly doesn’t fancy Keane too much and judging him on his play last season it’s not hard to see why. His best days are behind him and he doesn’t fit in well with the our quick counterattacking style of play. He won’t be a regular starter for us and he’s clearly not happy when he’s not playing so I think if a good offer came in we’d be mad not to take it.

  19. This is a hard one, I think Keane on his day is a great player but clearly not a bench warmer with Crouch and Defoe first choice and Pav if hs stays a close third choice – however we need 4 good strikers especially with the demands of Europe next season, two domestic cups and what should be the league as a priority. I think since December hs has been on borrowed time, not a favourite of Redknapps for his attitude and going to Celtic on loan was the nicest way of saying you will be gone come summer. If Villa have £15m then take it in these current financial conditions, he will do a good job and score goals thats for sure. I would be ahppy if he stayed and not overly bothered if he left – but if Pav went as well then would be worried we would not have the fire power we need. But I am sure Harry has something up his sleeve, but dont expect too may incomings, the squad is pretty decent right now.


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