Villa want Spurs midfielder


Jermaine Jenas

Aston Villa have asked Tottenham to name their price for midfielder Jermaine Jenas.

Villa are keen to strengthen their ranks as they look to push away from the relegation zone and have targeted Jenas.

Jenas is contracted to Spurs until 2013 and is thought to be in Harry Redknapp’s plans at Spurs after forcing his way back into the team.

Spurs are said to value Jenas at over £10million.

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  1. If this is true, we should carefully consider his release.It is evident that we are not getting involved in large spending. He can be used in our plan (considering our congested committment ie EPL, CL & FA cup). Do you agree?

  2. I don’t agree, but respect your view, I think we should snatch anything over £6m for Jenas… I would love to see him fulfil his potential at Spurs, but we can’t hang around and wait anymore,… the time to seize the moment for Spurs is upon us.

  3. not going to do an anti jenas rant but would

    be happy to let him go. he is a useful player but not a lynchpin of our team. with pienaar, hud, sandro, wilson (and currently ohara) all capable of playing CM alongside mod, we are not short of options and jj doesnt have a special attribute that noone else offers and most would agree that when fit hud offers more.

    if we got 10 million for him whilst signing pienaar for 3, that doesnt represent bad business. also jj has been with us a fair while and has never quite hit the heights consistently, nor is likely to get much better.

  4. i don't think he's been as bad as some have said….but i don't think he's in the class of where we're trying to get, i.e. champs league regulars. if they offer anywhere near 10m we should rip their arms off….

  5. 500 quid, (we can pay his train fare to Birmingham out of that aswell)
    Please a sensible price so we can shift this waste of space, all he ever does is pass sideways or backwards!!!

  6. never been a fan of jj since hes been at spurs.hes had a couple memorable goals,free kick against united and the goal against the arsenal.but apart from that hes never been outstanding,hes never lived up to his 8 million price tag so to get a fee of more then 8 million is a absolute touch! i say let him go,let the boy play consistently at Villa because we do have much better options

  7. If only Huddlestone was fit :( … Not that I have anything against Jenas but 10 mill is right up our alley, hell, why not drive up the price to 13 mill, Villa are on a shopping spree this January I know you can pull it off Harry you wheeler dealer you…. I think I just blacked out, I’m so desperate for a striker I think I lost my marbles.


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