“We have a very bright future here and I want to be part of it”


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Gareth Bale has insisted that he is happy to remain at Tottenham Hotspur.

The Welsh international has been linked with a move to Inter Milan after a fantastic second half to the season at Spurs, helping the club qualify for the Champions League.

‘I have just signed a new contract until 2014 and I am very happy at Spurs,’ he said.

‘We have a very bright future here and I want to be part of it.’

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  1. Best wing back in the country. Good on you Baley! The future's bright…..It's Blue'n White! Up The Spurs!!

  2. I couldn't understand all the speculation last term with Bales supposed departure away from the Lane. This guy had the potential to be not only the best wing back in the country but possibly in Europe. Now perhaps you'd think that's at little over the top, but if its probably only premature if anything. Tell me what he lacks if you doubt me?, ask the likes of Terry et-al, when he was unleashed in the position he was born for. If only Harry had played him there, instead of full back, then I feel he'd a rip them apart as well. There are some who'd view Bales future as left back, but why deprive us of the most attacking left sided monsters we've ever seen at Spurs. Get a left back by all means, instruct Bale how to tackle back, but leave him there Harry, did you see the fear in their eyes when he's bearing down on 'em, priceless and that's exactly what his transfer fee will be soon

  3. Close,but no cigar.How many clubs must be kicking themselves and wishing that they had gone for Bale this time last year,as I believe we would have sold him then had we received a decent offer.Fortunately they didn't and we still have our machine,Phew.

  4. You stay with us son trust in arry and make sure we kick some arse in the champions league good luck mate …Dirty Sturty

  5. In my opinion would walk into any team in europe! After watching the world cup I haven’t seen a better left sided player than our man. Bale is simply unstopable when coming forward,fantastic in the air,crossing is second to no one! We should be thankful and proud to have him at spurs. And at the end of all that praising up I’m watching ururaguay v holland and I say although diego forlan says he doesn’t want to come back to the prem I would make him a offer he can’t refuse because I think he is what we need. Plus does anyone else think we might be leaving the announcement of our new sponser and new kit for the moment we announce our world class signing,for some reason I could see us pulling of a major coup without any press pickin up on it till it happens, that would be typical spurs and typical levy!

  6. This monkey boy thing is not on this mans on the road to world class and deserves a bit more respect if we want to keep him .

    • I’m with you on this one sturty I no coys probably doesn’t mean to cause offence but let’s give the best left sided player in the country a little more respect but don’t take that the wrong way coys I no you think he’s class!

      • It's no big deal. He's a footballer – he can get any woman he wants so he shouldn't care about looks. Plus he's not actually that bad-looking

  7. you're dead right dirty sturty.
    gareth bale is one of our top players with genuine talent, it p*sses me right off to be reading the spurs fans insulting the guy. it is out of order.

    • gringospur…i didnt know you were that sensitive. i deeply apologise if i hurt your feelings. lets not blow a light hearted joke about someones appearance out of context. its part and parcel of football. just because i think he looks funny it doesnt mean i dont understand his footballing abilities! COYS

  8. Shall we just call him a Gorilla from now on!!! He needs to go to LB and learn exactly what he was born to do in a Lilywhite shirt!! Modric or Cole LW and the other in CM and Lennon on the right with a take your pick for DM … aThat willscare theshite out of most clubs below us and the few above us.. The Future's bright theFuture's Lilywhite!!!!!

  9. I agree 'dirty sturty'. I've posted that before as well. I think people should give up this monkey boy business.

  10. ahh, jesus! shut up people. bale is our monkeyboy, he isnt the queen. and anyhow, what the hell is wrong about being monkeyboy!?

  11. The thing that struck me last season was, when bale and BAE had just worked hard together and managed collectively to see the ball out of play, this was followed by a sneaky “gimme 5” from the pair. That to me shows how far we have come in terms of teamwork etc. Ofcourse the bale heart symbol after he scored against chelsea was special as well :)

  12. We should stop calling him names because if his father or mother sees what you are writing you could cause him to move . And then you would be the ugly man if Spurs fans get hold of you . Trust me we are looking for you right now look behind you and see . This lad will become a Super Spursman and help to right our new History The M word is forever banned .

  13. Always had respect for this player.
    The same goes for a lot of players who i dont believe have had a REAL oppurtunity.
    Players like him were bought for a reason and im just waiting for the likes of dos santos, ghaly etc to get into their game.


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