‘We needed that conversation’ – Pochettino reveals ‘positive’ meeting with Levy

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino and Chairman Daniel Levy have formed somewhat of an unlikely partnership in their time at Spurs.

The passion of Pochettino mixed with the tactical nouse of Levy seems to create a positive and well-balanced drive for the club.

Over the last five years under Poch, Tottenham have gone from a team trying to break into the Champions League to one that made the very final of the competition.

This sharp rise is not down to huge sums of money being pumped into the club’s transfer budget either, as Pochettino has been forced to work on tight budgets.

Daniel Levy has also used a lot of available money to invest in the future with the new training ground and stadium.

Unfortunately, despite spending in this summer’s transfer window, Spurs have started the season poorly, with below-par performances against Villa, City, and Newcastle.

However, Pochettino has revealed that he had a much-needed positive meeting with Levy and Jesus Perez this week.

He said: “I was with Daniel [Levy] and Jesus, we were at dinner in London [yesterday]. Was very good. We talked about everything. We needed that conversation, very positive. The most important thing is to help the team on the pitch & make sure the communication is clear.”

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  1. proper spurs fan here, all you spurs doom and gloom fans, look at the matches again, and you will see we are not playing disastrously, game 1 aston villa parked the bus, and hit us on the break, we were not sharp enough to penetrate that poxy formation which is a sign for a scared club, if they played a normal balanced formation we would pummel them, and they know it, we got the breakthrough and then we did pummel them.
    game 2 sand city they are a club with 2 1st teams, they buy expensive players, hardly sell any, so they can bring on like for like if fatigue sets in, and the nandrolone cheat keeps them superhuman fit, so i expected a loss, but we got 2-2 so i will take that.
    game 3 newcastle, they sat back, and sat back, and our attacks fizzled out, and then a lapse of concentration at the back and they took the lead, and then they battened down the hatches, we had a blatant penalty for kane not given when lascalles chucked his body at kane, who was just about to shoot and most probably score, and then we would have gone on to win, and lucas missed good chance along with a couple of other players , but thats football, we dominated newcastle, they were scared of us, they parked the bus, and won their cup final, but their energy levels were huge against us, in that heat, how does a bad team suddenly play like supermen all game, hmmmm.
    sissoko i read mentioned , we should have had more long shots at their goal, and hes right, but he missed out the second phase.
    game 4 arseholes, will they park the bus, play scared, i dont think so, so they will be a real guage of our play, we havent showed our real form yet, but everyone is saying we are playing crap, no we are not, we are not ultra sharp i agree, but we are playing adequate, 2 park the bus teams at home so far, and one team with a country for an owner, arsenal will be our first real look at spurs standard of play.


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