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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insists he is not concerned about the threat of Tottenham.

Arsenal’s defeat at Blackburn on Sunday means that it is possible that Spurs can finish third if they win their  remaining two matches – against Manchester City and Burnley – and the Gunners lose at home to Fulham on Sunday.

“I believe we do not have to worry about Tottenham or Manchester City – we have to worry about us and finish the season well,” said Wenger.

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  1. it would be stupid to think that a manager would worry about anything else other than his team, this is a pointless post…. Arsenal fan, but would love seeing spurs finish fourth, just to keep them greedy arabs at bay…

  2. Why would he be worried about the Mighty Spurs, it's Blackburn, Wigan, Barca and all the other teams that beat them this season he needs to worry about, as well as good old sol!!! he has been present in ALL theses matches, and he offered him a contract extension too!

  3. Mr Wenger and all Gooners don’t be so quick to write off the Mighty Spurs remember what we did to you couple weeks back, and what makes you think Fulham won’t be looking to do the same? Write them off at your peril. This season has got to be one of the strangest I have ever seen, the form book has been turned upside down being honest beginning of the season I happily would’ve taken sixth place given our previous campaign but “to dare is to do” this year we really have taken the fight to all the big guns. A few blips on the way but overall we have gone into the majority of our games with a belief that maybe we lacked before. As long as I have loved this team we have always had good players but never a really good squad now we have both and a decent manager as well. invariably we always seem to suffer a huge injury crisis at the worst possible of times and this year has been no different in that respect the difference is that players who were on the fringes have all stepped up and shown their worth. The reason why the Manchester uniteds and Chelsea’s of this world are successful is because they understand that football is as much a squad game as much as it is a team game, sorry their players understand it and the managers enforce it, now we have a manager in Harry who knows how to manage the men but ultimately get the job of winning games sounds easy when you say it like that and we all know its far from it Harry just wants the job done and he picks the man best suited for the job much in the same way sir Alf Ramsey picked a specific man for a specific job didn’t matter what he looked like or where he came from if he could do the job then he got it. Long may this ethos continue at Spurs we don’t need players who throw the dummy out the pram because they don’t get picked every game (Jamie O’Hara) its all about the squad. As I have said in a previous blog our destiny is in our own hands because of how we’ve performed as a squad and if by a cruel twist of fate we don’t make the fourth spot then ok we didn’t make it sure it will be painful but at least we know now how to be winners. Lillywhitetilidie.


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