West Ham fan makes an absolute fool out of himself and his club with Spurs claim

Image: SpursWeb

We all know that West Ham are an embarrassment of a football club and their fans are absolute mugs.

This statement was proven when one of their fans decided to call talkSPORT and claim that West Ham have a far superior bench to that of Tottenham Hotspur.

Radio hosts Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy decide to pull up the fan on his ludicrous claim and the fan gets defensive by claiming he has been “done up like a kipper”.

The fan bumbles on and tries to dig himself out of a hole and makes a complete tit out of himself, before admitting himself that he has “mugged himself off”.

You can always rely on West Ham for a bit of entertainment, it is laughable how obsessed they are with us.

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  1. When you start to win trophies regularly feel free to start taking the pi$$, you get nothing for nearly winning things.
    If you want embarrassment & a mug, look in the mirror.

    • You know what get when you assume things mate…
      I wouldn’t waste my time calling talkshite about anything, especially how good one bench is to anothers.
      I only think of you lot twice a year when we play or when some twat writes an article like this.

  2. “it is laughable how obsessed they are with us.” Says the guy writing a whole article about some hammers fan who made a dumb comment. What is laughable is how oblivious you are to your blatant hypocrisy.

  3. Absolute cock even the caller realised what a total knob he was can’t stop laughing every time i play it the presenters realised he didn’t know what he was talking about so goaded him along great stuff

    Why would anyone want to talk about how good your bench is compared to another teams how sad is that


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