West Ham publically announce Spurs bid rejection


West Ham United have issued a statement claiming that they have rejected a bid from Tottenham Hotspur for Scott Parker.

The statement on the official West Ham website read: West Ham United can confirm the club has rejected an offer from Tottenham Hotspur for Scott Parker.

The club would like to state that regardless of the size of the bid, nothing will break the promise that Chairman David Sullivan made to our supporters. As repeatedly stated, Scott Parker is not for sale and there are no circumstances and no amount of money that will cause us to break that pledge to the fans.

The club informed Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy prior to him making the offer that we would not welcome any approach to unsettle the player. Scott Parker has three years left on his contract and the club has opened talks with his agent over a new five-year deal.

David Sullivan said: “I made a promise that I would not sell Scott and I will not, for any amount of money, break that promise to the West Ham supporters. Scott is not for sale at any price, to anyone. West Ham supporters, for far too long, have had owners that sell their best players and promise one thing and do another.

“This is a new era. We are building a bigger, better West Ham and when we make a promise, we honour it.”

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  1. dont know if this is true or not but i do not want scott parker at tottenham and he wont even getting into the starting line up and the end of the day i do not rate him as a premiership player, i rather keep jenas then having scott parker in our team

    • thats the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. parker is about 3 times the player jenas is. We shouldn't be breaking the bank for him, but if the price was right he'd be a very sensible buy. As it happens though, looks like West Ham will be holding on to him anyway so its not an issue. No great loss – but to say you don't rate him as a premiership player is frankly insane.

  2. Hope this is just a bid to wind up the plastic cockneys (again). Soon as that scum are back where they belong in the championship again the better.Shit team,shit manager and the most dilusional fans in the world. West ham united are a joke.

  3. I kinda feel sorry 4 hammers- they have over the years been a feeder club & in the modern game you can only let your BEST player go for premium money. This association with Parker is good news for spurs because this shows our intent & I am glad we've been associated with players like Fab, Cole, Parker, Bellamy provided the price is right. Thank heavens Levy is at the helm- cos I would think Arry would break the bank to get certain players- Arry is goin to have 2 adapt to the spurs philosophy under Levy- no extravagances.

  4. are we actually going to sign anybody this window?? pletiklosa i heard about in january,so how is a deal not wrapped up with 3 weeks til the season starts? we flopped on joe cole..we flopped on scott parker…we flopped on raul…we dont want fabiano..we dont want huntelaar..at this rate we are going to start the season with exactly the same team as we had last season..which is good,but not going to get us far in the champions league,prem,fa cup and league cup all in one go..can only have 1 focus with this squad,cant go all out for 4 cups..frustrating because isnt redknapp supposed to be the bargain man??? whats with all these silly prices for stupid players like scott parker

  5. The thing you should ask yourself is why did West Ham make this public?. It was after all a tentative enquiry and if it was unwelcome and informal making it public would only unsettle Parker thus creating a situation where non would previously exist. Now Parker is saying (allegedly), that he wants to hear what Spurs have to offer (far more than he's currently likely to get), and will if tempted hand in a transfer request, and hey presto we're the bad guys for bullying West Ham and they're the good guys in the eyes of their fans, but had to sell rather than keep an unhappy player blah blah blah. Snide way of doing business, stuff 'em and refuse point blank to ever sell them our, crap in the future, they've broken the law by refusing us their better players!


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