West Ham unhappy after Tottenham move for Gudjohnsen


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West Ham United have admitted that they are unhappy with the news that Eidur Gudjohnsen could be joining Tottenham Hotspur.

The striker had already undergone a medical with West Ham United ahead of completing a loan move, but Tottenham’s late intervention has cast the deal in doubt.

Hammers co-owner David Sullivan said: ‘We thought we had a deal and the player had even had a medical. We then heard that Tottenham were trying to speak to the player. I can’t say I am happy about it but I believe in Karma and what goes around, comes around.’

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  1. A bit petty since he is still a monaco player and a player we have been interested in for some time. Karma? Refusing to sell Bellamy to us when he wanted to come to Tottenham. West Ham’s directors self interest is why they are where they are, that is Karma.

  2. I really don’t want gudjohnsen at Spurs but anything that annoys stammers fans is good for me. Long may Spurs feeder club keep up the good work.

  3. West Ham for life it’s true you need him more than us, but at the end of the day it’s a player we’ve both been interested in for some time.. nothing to do with spiting West Ham what would be the point in that?!

  4. I don’t think Tottenham wanted to spite you. It happens. The guy’s dad is his agent. See also: Nicolas Anelka and his brothers. They shop around hard. He’s in the twilight of his career, Monaco are offering to pay part-wages wherever he goes, he’s a free-agent with his wages chopped right down.
    It’s not like Tottenham are really shoving your face in it by getting a 31yr old who’s not currently cutting it and will go wherever at the drop of a hat. I’m not sure he’d dig in for you, which is what you need.

  5. this is typical of both tottenham and redknapp; poaching a player from under our nose just for the fun of it. it is not like they need another striker, so why do it then?dissapointing again tottenham,tsk,tsk,tsk. it’s not the fact that it’s Gudjohnsen as i don’t particulary rate him anymore, but the mere fact that this is certainly not the first time spurs have done this.

  6. i don’t get all the moaning from Spammers, its only one player! It’s not our fault your board don’t know how to run a football club

  7. arjan do you really think we want a player on our books, who wouldn’t fit in just to spite West Ham?? It’s pure madness!

  8. I think West Ham fans forgot what happend with Craig Bellamy, he wanted to join us, but WestHam’s board said they wont sell him to Tottenham, yes i believe this Karma what goes around, comes around!

  9. then tell me jamie..would EG get into your starting 11?honestly?
    no he wouldn’t. he’d be sitting on the bench at best.
    would he be a first team regular for us?yes he would in fact. i don’t rate him but he still has his uses over the likes of jimenez and kovac anyway.
    it riles me that your manager one days says no player will come in, and then the next he’s just poaching(cause that what it’s called when you speak with a player about a transfer when almost everything is done and dusted with another club) gudjohnsen.

  10. This is great, Spammers moaning that we are signing a player that they dont even own. What player would ever choose them over the mighty spurs. Gudjohson clearly wants to play at a higher level that a relagation scrap.

  11. Arjan can see where you’re coming from.. honestly.. if he came then it would mean Pav or someone would go. Do we need a striker with different qualities? Definitely Pav showed that with in 4 mins of coming on at the w/e. Gudj is the sort of player i could see us using against Birmingham away etc…yes admittidly he’d probably get more time playing for the Hammers it’s true.

    Anyone who believed Harry wouldn’t do anything in the transfer window is at best naive! Correction though he did say “he’d be very very very suprised if we signed anyone” that leaves the door firmly open in my mind.

    Truth is about any deal in business, is that until it’s signed it’s not a deal, no matter how close.. trust me i work in sales i know!

  12. who cares about those pikey wankers from west ham….You had your cup final and lost so do us all a fav and piss off back to barking…….Your over 105mil in debt and why would anyone wanna play at upton park its the arsehole of the world…….

  13. Not really quite sure why we have gone in for this player I liked him in his Chelsea days not sure what he can give us now not seen him play in ages but our Harry must know something we don’t. As for the ethics of the move well its a bit like buying a car innit just because you sat in it doesn’t mean you bought it now does it? Anyway its a loan move no biggy personally I think we should be looking for cover both in defence and back up keeper if Gomes takes a knock we are Charlie ollocked but please not David James or Younis Kaboul. Nice win last night made even sweeter that Liverfool got held by wolves. Was chatting to a fool fan last night don’t they bang on about the past yeah mate Shankly was great Paisley was great the beetles were great but that was ages ago. How long has pool been one of the established top four clubs in the country? And yet still they haven’t even threatened to win the title not that we at spurs have either but its well documented the problems we’ve had down the years and as a spurs fan I’ve had to endure it one of the reasons for our failures in the past is that we been living in the past we had great teams under (Sir) Bill Nicholson and Keith Burkinshaw but that was then this is now sure the heritage counts for much but we need to build new dynasties and that’s what is happening at Spurs now whereas Liverpool are still in yesterday mode no taking anything away from the things they’ve achieved down the years that would be foolish but how bad is it when you can’t sack the manager because its gonna cost a fortune and at the detriment of what? Jose Mourihno would probably be a good bet for US or Liverpool reason why I say us is because we’re not sure how long Harry wants to stay in the game but if Jose did go to Liverpool I would be surprised he represents everything they’re not right now and that’s forward thinking. Look at us ok the way we got shot of Martin Jol was shameful and his successor wasn’t really suited to our brand but at least the board held there hands up admitted they got it wrong and did something about it and it wasn’t cheap believe me but think where we could’ve been had we been braver sooner but look at us now okay we are far from the finished article but we’re getting there. Liverpool on the otherhand are not its gonna cost them loads to fix the mess they’re in not helped by fact that likes of Man city Us and few others are threatening to take champions league money from them which they have in the past taken for granted well not anymore. So keep living in the past Liverpool as it will only help us to get where we want to go all the more quickly. Lillywhitetilidie. Come on spurs.

  14. Lads don’t start acting like Man City and UTD Fans they are both spit full and full of hate its a game a very good game played by overpaid not worth the money in Entertainment value players and its all the money thats causing this great game to turn nastier and from what i have heard and seen full of illegal shite from teams desperate to keep there status salary’s and Jobs.And the fans are not even considered when it comes to the SKY and its sister club Esp.

  15. There is only one reason we would sign someone like gudjohnson.
    Cover for Pav or Keano when either leave. Sounds like something is happening and harry wants cover for the fourth striker. So a 31 year old bench warmer fits the bill – especially if it is just a loan job until the end of the season. Shame though – I really hate to see Pav leave. Keano on the other hand is definately a yard off the pace.


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