“We’ve taken him on loan until the end of the season”


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Harry Redknapp has reportedly confirmed to media sources that Tottenham Hotspur have completed the deal to sign Eidur Gudjohnsen on loan until the end of the season.

Redknapp told BBC Radio Jersey: “The chairman has probably done a deal for Eidur. We spoke to him the other day.

“We’ve taken him on loan until the end of the season to see how it goes.”

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  1. Excellent! We now have 5 world class strikers to keep happy, 2 centre backs that struggle with fitness and no natural width in the side when Lennon is injured! All this and we’re still paying Jermain Jenas a wage! Europa League here we come!

  2. Ok so now we have five strikers when we couldn’t keep four happy. Unless. Birmingham are willing to pay somewhere in the region of 12 million for Pav kinda begs the question, why. Whilst we on the subject of recent signings is it just me or did I miss it? Was Younes Kaboul that good the first time that we need to buy him again? The goalkeeper I can understand as we do need cover for Gomes.

  3. im happy about this. before he went to monacco i was talking about how he would be ideal for us. we wont b keepin 5 strikers happy cos its inevitable that pav is off. he will be excellent coming off the bench and will fit in with our style of play. bring in a centre half and goalkeeping cover and we’re sound.

  4. Do none of you watch La Liga??
    He has been playing Centre Midfield for years…
    Yes he can play up front but i’d expect him to play more games as the creative midfielder alongside Palacios.
    Excellent signing with proven Premiership ability

  5. errr not actually on Spurs website?

    and note:

    The chairman has probably done a deal for Eidur.

    the word ‘probably’… means not a 100% done

  6. Some major wheeling and dealing will have to be done if Birmingham are to take Pav no disrespect to Birmingham but the price is bit strong it was when we bought him but that’s just typical us everyone knows we always pay over the odds for players but this aside I saw Alex McCleish on skysports baulk at what he expects our chairman will want for Pav. So if he does go to Brum it will have to be on the never never with the added proviso that he can’t face us at weekend can just see it can’t u Pav sticking it to us with a goal. Apart from Brum not sure there are any other takers unless Wenger decides to step in and team him up with Arshavin (please God no don’t think I could bare that). By the ways does anyone know what has or is happening to the young talent we been spending money on Naughton Bostock I know he just came back from far from impressive loan spell what I mean is will they feature for us anytime soon we seem to just buy them up ship them out never to be heard of again. Lastly any views on that Celtic winger Aiden McCready (think that’s how you spell it) I know the SPL is not as demanding as our league but I think he could work for us out left I know we got Modders but sometimes just for something different and he does have a wicked final ball in. Any views. Lillywhitetilidie.

  7. I liked Eidur for many years and when he was struggling to get a game for Chelsea I’d have gladly taken him. Harry has not bought him to play in midfield, he has bought him as a striker and yes its inevitable that Pav will go. Good bit of business in the financial short term but I really hoped Harry would persevere with Pav and make a star of him rather than take on a player in the autumn of his career.
    Funny that there’s no talk of Keane being off loaded in this window, guess not even Celtic are interested in him now. What did they do to him on Merseyside????

  8. i am well pissed off with whats been going on today, we sign an ageing striker while trying to get rid of (in my opinion) our best finisher,i can’t help but feel that this one is going to come back & haunt us, finally lennon is starting to deliver quality crosses but pav never got chance to see what he could do.

  9. so he can play striker and midfield meaning arry purposely to get more headache to select, he better midfield than tom, palacios, modric, lennon, niko ? 5 strikers way to go arry for a boring transfer window…. u should sell keane, jj, hutton to get that extra money

  10. What does Harry mean when he says Pav is “technically a good player”? What kinda game is he playing with poor Pav? Technically good, but not good enough for starting 11? Rubbish i tell u.


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