What goes around, comes around (sometimes)


Am I the only person in the country who thinks Nani was right to have been sent off against Real Madrid? If you look closely, he definitely makes a bit of a ‘follow through’ on the challenge, yet Alex Ferguson goes berserk and is so annoyed with the Referee and refuses to talk to the media or anyone.

I get fed up to the teeth with people like Ferguson and Arsene (I never see anything when my team defaults) Wenger who are the worst of the ‘bad losers’ in the game.

Did Ferguson complain about the referee when Pedro Mendes ‘goal’ for us went 3ft over the line and cost us a European place – NO. Did Ferguson complain when (yes NANI) fell over in the penalty area at Old Trafford, ‘handballed’ as he picked up the ball, took a free kick which never was and helped United score another controversial goal against us – NO. He didn’t refuse to talk to the media then when things went their way.

How many times has Wenger said ‘I didn’t see it’ when things go arsenal’s way. But how many times does he complain when things go against his team. Both Ferguson and Wenger have on numerous occasions refused to talk to the media when things have gone wrong for them.

So Nani cheated against us, and maybe he was cheated slightly against Madrid. But its really nice to see United and Arsenal complaining. It’s great to see these bad losers moaning and remembering that what goes around, comes around.

By CheekyCockney

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  1. For me whats worse is the way united have continually played rooney out of position and turned him into an average player with a great workrate and a poor striker.rooney was always an old fashioned thumper. just thump the ball into the net.im a spurs fan and i would love to have a player like rooney upfront just to thump goals in.remember berbatov?a great striker who went to united but didnt want to run around like a headless chook.ended up fading away.

  2. Ferguson has passion for Man U and is their most important factor for their victories the last years and I admire him for his results. He is the back bone of uniteds winning culture. When he retires I am sure that United will not be as dominate as they have been.
    Ferguson is an expert in taking the attention away when their players/team do not perform. You see that in all matches were United looses or are in trouble. You see this clearly when we played United in January. We scored in "Fergie time" and were the better team, but Ferguson took away the attention of this and grabbed the headlines by claiming the linesman for a mistake done a few years ago. Ferguson has a bad temper and a strong will to win, but his "show" after poor United performances is all part a genious media strategy to "protect" his players and team for negative publisity and the risk of them loosing self confidence. But relax, the future belongs to Spurs:) COYS

  3. My Sentiments exactly! Don't forget the numerous penalty decisions at Old Trafford including that Michael Carrick penalty that completelt turned a game on it's head when we were 2-0 up.

    The Media frenzy following this 'controversial' decision to send Nani off has been unprecedented. Good ol' Roy Keane though for not towing the typical media/TV party line.

  4. If you look closely the video Nani extended his foot after stamping Arbeloa in the mid section. Where were those complaining when Pepe was shown the red card against Barcelona for intending to stamp Daniel Alves even though he did'nt make physical contact with the player.

    • Thanks spursfan for your support. I know you have'nt agreed with everything i have written before, but i appreciate you reading my articles and being constructive.

      By CheekyCockney

  5. Yes i agree. It certainly has with Nani. The guy is a cheat and a diver as portrayed against us. As you say as well, Wenger and Ferguson are two faced when it comes to media dates. What sky and the others should do is not interview them for say 1 month when they refuse to give an interview. If they knew they could'nt put their club in the spotlight for a month, it would make them think twice.

  6. I thought Nani should have gone, especially as 'he' made out he was injured himself after the tackle. He is a cheat, and it's nice to see cheats not prosper for a change.

  7. It's always the bad losers who dont want to talk to the press. What about the managers whose teams lose most weeks. They are always talking to the press even though they are disappointed. As great a manager as Ferguson & Wenger are, they are nasty bits of work – hense why they are 'hated' so much by everyone.

  8. Both c411um and footballforever are idiots and totally missing the point. What a bloody stupid reply by c411um saying why would a manager compalin when a decision goes his way. The point i am sure Cheeky was trying to make is that people like Fergie & Wenger wont talk to the press when things go wrong when 'all' other managers do and are expected to do. The piece Cheeky wrote was fair and just, and an exceptional piece. idiots like c411um should refrain from writing anything unless they have something interesting to say and on the suject in hand.

  9. First time i have been on this site, and looking through wanted to say what brilliant articles Cheeky Cockney writes.

    I have to agree on most of the things he has said in all the articles and on this one i would like to comment that he is right about Wenger and Ferguson. Both are extremely bad losers (as i am sure we all are) but they are in privileged position but abuse that position when things go wrong for them – something all the other managers just get on with. Look forward to your next article Cheeky.


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