What Piers Morgan said after Man City’s VAR decision against Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Manchester City were denied an injury time winning goal against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday evening.

City were celebrating after Gabriel Jesus appeared to have scored in the 91st minute of the encounter at the Etihad Stadium, only for the goal to be chalked off because the ball had made contact Aymeric Laporte’s arm in the build-up to it reaching the Brazilian.

Shamed former editor of The Mirror, Piers Morgan who is known for his love of Arsenal and outspoken dislike of North London rivals Spurs, took to Twitter following the 2-2 draw to share his view.

Morgan claimed that VAR should be abolished by the footballing authorities as he believes that it could risk ruining the beautiful game.

New handball rules introduced this season state that any goal resulting from handball, accidental or otherwise, must be ruled out (BBC).


Morgan’s view of VAR will no undoubtedly be different if a decision goes in favour of Arsenal during the upcoming North London derby.

It is enjoyable to see that Spurs continue to live rent-free in his head.

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  1. Piers Morgan obviously didn’t engage his brain before making his tweet. It’s not VAR that should be abolished, but the football rules around VAR that need to be seriously looked at.

  2. Piers Morgan, take a break. You and many others have this dislike for Spurs for no sensible reason. I say sensible because no matter what Spurs do people like you don’t seem to respect them and appreciate them as an English team. SHAME ON YOU AND ALL OTHERS WHO THINK LIKE YOU.
    I THINK YOU ALL NEED TO GO AND GET YOUR MINDS CHECKED. I have played this game and respected all apposing teams. For you and others who seem to disregard Tottenham as you do says to me maybe you need to go watch another sport.
    Spurs are a fine team with good players with sound respectful ability and it is shameful for you and others to think otherwise.
    Fact! VAR has proven already the things that teams like City, Liverpool and others have been getting away with too long.
    Take your medicine with VAR and go blame another team for ONCE. Check you later little cry baby.


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