What’s wrong with Dele Alli?

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Dele Alli was one of the best players in the Premier League, and maybe even world, last season for Spurs. For a midfielder to score 18 league goals is an unbelievable achievement. He’s been compared to the greatest England midfielders to ever play the game, and it’s clear to see why. He broke records set by greats like Lampard and Gerrard and scored goals like he was a striker.

So, when you compare him to last season its clear to see he isn’t at the top of his game right now. Last season his partnership with Kane was one of the best partnerships in world football, but this season it seems Eriksen has been playing the better football.

Recently, Alli has been linked with a move to clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid, and with the situation with his agent ongoing its worrying to think his mind is elsewhere. As Tottenham fans, we are the best at spotting when our best players want to leave (it happens enough). And right now, the way he is playing obviously isn’t his best and he isn’t playing with the same confidence and creativity as we’ve seen for the last couple of years.

We’ve just got to hope he will soon return to top form for the remainder of the season.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Could it be that the constant drip of griping is getting him down? Every day, in some paper, or some blog, someone is criticising him. He needs to stop diving, he needs to control his temper, he needs to change his attitude, and so on and on and on. Look at News Now. I kid you not, every day, often more than once. Every bloody day. We're good at that in this country. Instead of celebrating high achievers, we love to knock them down. You'd think he was the only footballer who ever dived for a penalty. I'm just waiting for Michael Owen to have a go! Is he the only one to react to being fouled? Opposition players work hard to wind him up now. Then every day we hear about how much Barca or Real are planning to offer for him. He must be thinking he'd at least be appreciated in Spain. If people would get off his back we might see th the grin and the stupid handshake return.

  2. We're coping without him at the moment and these kinds of rough patches are inevitable for a player as young as he is. Our job is to make sure we keep supporting the lad, who will surely take note that we were still there for him when he wasn't playing well. The more patience and support we give him now, the longer he will stay at Spurs in the future.

  3. Having Sissoko around more has broken the flow between these players, he needs to stay off the pitch to allow Alli to play his natural game.

  4. Alli plays further forward than Lampard and Gerrard, so you cannot properly compare them really.

    He is one of the over hyped players to play in England.

    He is great at getting into the right positions and scoring goals. He is poor at dribbling past players. He is not that great at winning the ball. His passing is okay.

    Alli is best when he plays with an edge to his game. At the moment, there is no edge. It may have been drummed out of him. His play comes across as very lazy. He goes missing in games, like Jenas and Paulinho used to.

    Would be great to sell him for over 100 million and buy a creative backup to Erikson, another striker and maybe another left back, if Rose decides to leave.

  5. Ego, pure and simple. The kid believes his own hype way to much, you can see it in his play.

    If worked more on releasing the ball at the right time, working hard for the team and stop trying to nutmeg everyone, we might have a player again. For me at moment, he doesn’t make the first 11 and thats the way it should stay until he gets his hunger back.

    Harry Kane has the constant daily reports of big money moves and people still questioning if his hot streak will end and he just gets on with it.

    • Well, I guess you have a good point however that's the way dele plays. If you try to pin him down to what you think is the way he should play you may not get the best from him.

  6. A lot of younger players have a dip. With all the hype and pressure the young guy has started thinking too much about his game, instead of letting his raw instinct lead the way (as he did last season). People have to remember that at 21yrs old, it is a huge amount of pressure being analysed to the extent Alli is, weekly, even daily in local, national and global press….

    Most youngsters don't have to deal with the limelight Alli has to continually contend with.

    Will he be world class (really bored of the 'world-class' debate for Kane and Alli!)? Not sure, but this season will not define him, or his career. The saving grace is Poch is the best in the business to help him through it and ultimately get the best out of him.

    Just for a second think back to when you were 21 (in todays terms he is still a kid)….. Then imagine the pressure from the global press, everyone around you has an opinion on your career, ability, wages (etc. etc.) and the pressure you would put yourself under as a result, especially when the gutter UK press keeps linking you with Barcelona and Real Madrid every single day…

    As the best fans in the land we should get behind him and help him through to fulfil his potential for the best run club in the land… COYS!

    • Hear hear. .
      Correct dude, you are talking sense. There is pressure on these kids. However they are on top money compared to the average working man. SO it comes hand in hand I guess pressure from media fans and getting paid thousands per week. .


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