To boo or not to boo?


In the aftermath of what, I think we can all agree, was a very disappointing result on Saturday against Norwich at White Hart Lane, a series of arguments broke out across the social networking matrix between different Spurs fans. The bickering mainly centred on the team being booed at the final whistle but also spanned out on a wider scope to some fans calling for AVB’s head. Today I’d like to address the different sides of these arguments and stress my immense disappointment at the attitudes of some of our “fans” toward the team and manager.

To begin with the booing I’m afraid I take a different stance to the majority of Spurs fans on Twitter, Facebook etc in that I think those in attendance were completely within their rights to voice their displeasure. We all know that a trip to White Hart Lane can be quite expense and the line I take on this issue is that if a fan has paid their money for a match ticket and watched the game live, they can chant, boo, hiss or sing at whatever they like. It’s ok for some keyboard gangster in a different time zone who has never been to White Hart Lane to condemn the fans who booed on Saturday, but as far as I’m concerned those who paid the money to be at the match have the moral authority to decide whether it was right or not. I’m not saying just because you don’t go to see games live that you’re not entitled to your opinion, of course you are, but at the same time someone who has shelled out the best part of £1,000 for a season ticket will feel well within their rights to boo at the team if they don’t think they played well enough; and I’m with them on that.

However, what I completely, categorically disagree with is those fans who think AVB’s number is up already. If any such fans are reading this blog then please listen when I say that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. The season is 3 games old, not 23, but 3, and because we haven’t gotten off to the quickest of starts some of our so called fans want the new manager to be lynched already. Bull. The popular saying about Rome fits in perfectly here and let me assure you that if any such fans as the ones I have discussed were around when Rome was being built they’d have executed them for being so impatient. The team has new additions and is playing under a new system, it’s going to take time for the players to jell and get used to playing the way AVB wants; this is not a FIFA game! Yes, we have been disappointing at the back and let some silly goals in, but perhaps we should be looking at the fact that the centre half partnership has been different in every game we’ve played so far and that one of those players has only recently signed for the club as to why we’ve been a bit leaky, instead of deciding that the whole thing is the managers fault and the only logical course of action now is to sack him! If you really expect to bring a new manager in and almost overnight for the team to be challenging at the very top of the table then you might as well apply for a Russian citizenship now and change your last name to Abramovich. Spurs fans are better than that and when the team’s fortunes turn around, and I’m confident they will, I’m willing to bet there will be a few less angry voices and a few more AVB fans.

By Craig Harrison

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  1. Well according to this article –… we did well in the transfer market. Imagine if Mr Levy put the club into debt with overpriced players and we stil lost games. The slight concern is looking at our sqad list – Gomes, Cudicini, Friedel, Lloris, Kaboul, Gallas, Adebayor, Vertonghen, Assou-Ekotto, Sandro, Falque, Sigurdsson, Dempsey, Lennon, Walker, Naughton, Dawson, Dembele, Huddlestone, Parker, Livermore, Jenas, Bale, Defoe, Bentley. Four (4) goal keepers, is that normal? Also looks a bit thin in midfield..

    • Squad list may look thin, even thinner now Bentley has gone on load but don't forget that these are only the "older" players.
      You've also got players like Caulker Carroll, Falque, Parrett, Townsend, Obika

  2. So what you are saying regarding the booing is, those fans are actually booing the fact that they had to pay to watch the game, I mean, why turn up at all, if you are going to boo when we dont trounce the opposition, it has a negative affect on the club as a whole, and one thing that I think is bang out of order, is the timing of these so called supporters booing, we have only just begun the season, and yet because these so called fans paid a couple of quid to get in, they feel it is their right to boo the team, these fans are taking up real supporters places, give up your ticket to a true fan who loves the club come rain or shine, you are not wanted here, try the empty crates down the road, i'm sure you will all be accepted with open arms. coys

    • 100% agree, they are not true supporters, just fickle glory hunters. What a shame that the media is happy to give a 'brain dead minority' of fans the vast majority of attention. The rest of us need to chant "AVB" for 90 mins in order to show the world that we are very much behind our club… One loss + two draws is a poor start but not a disaster and lets not forget that good ol Harry took us on an 11 game run without a win last season. AVB is just getting started and he will come good, when he does I would like to see the Booers stoped at the gate and banned from attending. TO ALL THE BOOERS – Spurs don't need or want your kind of fickle support…

  3. Booing your own team is a disgrace. We should be singing and giving the players confidence. We are not going to win every game in the season and it will be a shame if we stop performing for the fear of doing something wrong and getting booed. People do not realise the knock on effect this will have on the players so instead of using your vocal chords to boo use them to raise the roof and get behind the team and AVB and give them the confidence to go out and win games. Booing is pathetic!

  4. By booing, fans are playing straight into the hands of the media – many of whom are pally with Redknapp. If we get behind the team and manager and win a few games the hounds will quickly move on to their next target. Remember Wenger at the beginning of last season? The stories coming out about AVB are ridiculous – best summed up by the Loris non-story; Friedel had just pulled off a series of game saving stops so what was AVB supposed to say? If he'd said Brad did well but Loris is my main man then he would have been accused of appalling man management skills – something the press accuses him of on a daily basis. Don't provide the rope for these parasites and they'll soon infect some other club. Support AVB!

  5. I find your article contradictory. The second part regarding AVB I totally agree with but I do take issue with the issue of booing. Whilst I agree with you that fans are fully entitled to express their opinion it must also be asked, "What do you think booing is going to achieve?" To take the opposite, why cheer? It's not to express your satisfaction with the away your team are playing since the cheers start before the game has even kicked off. So cheering is meant to lift your team because it's proven that humans react better to this environment and it urges then to greater levels of performance. Booing has the opposite effect. It makes players nervous, apprehensive and they do not perform to their best. The opposition, however, are lifted beyond belief.

    Booing was heard around White Hart lane as early as half time which was hardly going to lift the team going into the dressing room. I believe that many of the fans expressing themselves in this way are those that were unhappy with AVB's appointment and are helping to bring about his downfall and so fulfill their prophesy of failure.

    Fans should reserve their right to boo until there, truly, is something to boo about which is not a poor performance three games into the season.

  6. Hate to see people booing their own team. It reminds me of spoilt children and only undermines the confidence of the players, making performances and results worse. Stop acting like consumers and start acting like supporters. Get behind the team through thick and thin. Make WHL a fortress to terrify the opposition not our lot.

    We don't have unlimited resources and have to do the best with what we've got. It's hard to attract the best players without CL football but the players who have come in are good and strengthen the team. Yes, ideally we need a forward, cover on the wing and a playmaker but only if the right players at the right price are available to us. Never forget what happened to Leeds.

    Expect to see Moutinho in Jan. Get behind the players, the manager and the chairman. We need everyone pulling together. COYS.

    Show your support for the club and go watch the U19s v Barcelona on Thursday at WHL.

  7. one thing about Liverpool is that i have never ever heard them booing their own side. Remember them being 3 down at half time and not booing but singing even louder. If you choose to boo your own team i suggest you look up the meaning of supporter and actually support your team. there is a waiting list for season tickets at WHL, sell your ticket to someone more worthy.

  8. WE ARE NOT ARSENAL. What are u gonna do boo everytime we dont win?? The i pay my money aregument is rubbish, If it’s too Exspensive don’t go, it’s called being a supporter. Support. Win lose or drawer we support the lillywhites. Football is hard sometimes if you have played 11a-side at any level you will know sometimes it just doesn’t come together. We are spurs, maybe the rest of you numptys who booed at half time had cheers we could have given the players that extra 10%.

    Being a football fan is not about turning up every week to be entertained. It’s about being part of the defeats as well as the wins and cheering your voice to destruction to help your team hold on or get the goal.

    Man up, stop booing like upset women , we are Tottenham

  9. Lets define your use of the word FAN … 'A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for'
    Or do you mean a SUPPORTER ….. 'A person who approves of and encourages someone or something'

    Sorry but anyone who boos players (especially this early) is neither a true FAN or SUPPORTER irrespective of how much you pay to see the game.

    As to your comments 'paying for a ticket gives a moral right' BULLSH#T !!!!

    I am now one of those KEYBOARD GANGSTERS but I like many 000's around the globe never miss a game even when it means getting up at 0300hrs. I would also mention that for the last 11 years on average twice a year I shell out in excess of AU$8,000 a trip to the Lane. Am I entitled to a refund when they lose ???

    Support your club or piss off to the Scum

  10. “but as far as I’m concerned those who paid the money to be at the match have the moral authority to decide whether it was right or not”

    I too have read countless blog and media sites regarding Spurs and unfortunatley, judging by many of the idiotic comments posted, people may have the moral authority to boo, but they clearly don’t have the intellect to make that decision.

    Sure many may be disheartened and aggrieved at the recent changes within our team but how does booing help – especially at half time.

    Do the booer’s think that the boo’s will want to make the players come out in the 2nd half or the next match and try harder? Or will it just increase the pressure to the point that they dread coming out on to the pitch and perhaps induce more mistakes?

    If these booer’s had a son playing in a youth team, would they boo their own son if the son had a bad game? Or would their cheer him on, say encouraging things, offer posistive advice and help to try to bring the best out of their son?

    Do the booer’s realise the slump in form we had since february that we never recovered from?

    Then add in injuries to key players like Parker, loss of key players like King, Modric, VDV.

    Then add in new signings that DO take time to gel in the team.

    Then add in a new manager with a new style and techniques. Also with instant pressure and media baggage from his Chelsea post – and none of us will ever get to know how the real reasons as to what went on in the Chelsea dressing room – player power etc.

    Then add in that upon the AVB signing key players like Sandro were playing for national teams in Olympics and had even less time to work with the new manager.

    And these booers expect what? Instant barcelona-esque style and 5-0 wins?

    Jesus, it will take time and booing only serves to do one thing….. heap more pressure onto the players and manager. There’s already a media witch hunt out there that seeks to twist and misinform, fans booing only adds to that.

    It’s been prooven many times over in countless studies that people perform the best when they are relaxed and enjoying what they do.

    How are they gonna enjoy what they do when they are getting boo’d?

    There’s no going back, The changes that have happened can’t be undone and none of us are in a position to be able to influence the decisions that have been made.

    The only choice that is open to us is to support or to be a festering stagnant lump of cancer in the stand and boo.

    So get behind our team. Cheer them when they come out on the pitch, Cheer them when they go off the pitch, Cheer them when we score, Scream till your lungs can shout no more words of encouragement when the other team score against us.

  11. most of the people above are not real spurs supporters for if they were theyd understand the tradition of booing, it used to be the slow hand clap when things were not going right. And why not?Nothing like a kick up the arse to stir the soul. Most of the people called football supporters find solace in the game due to horrendous monsters at home and the inability to do sport weell, they become eternal supporters and see it as a raison etere , in short total fucking wankers influenced nearly 100 p

  12. Right to boo? Well if you see yourself as a customer not getting value for money then I suppose so. But if you are a supporter first and foremost then boo-ing your own side iis completely incompatible with that position. Do you only go to a game to see your team win, and eveything else is unacceptable and worthy of a grossly negative response? Sadly it is the so-called top premiership teams who have to suffer this attitude from many of their 'customers'. They are there to see a win only and nothing else.

  13. Ok, so while I don’t really condone the booing, if I turned up to work and put in an abject display of non committal, I’d get a rollicking from the people who pay my wages. And to make sure it didn’t happen again, I’d put in a better effort the next day. So were we supposed to cheer and applaud one of the worst performances I’ve seen from a Spurs side since the 90’s, as if to say “well done lads, better luck next time, you tried hard and did the basics right (when we all know you didn’t)”. These footballers get paid far too much money to be told their sh*t don’t stink.

    • Isn’t that the managers job?

      Just like it’s your mangers job to give you a rollicking if you don’t perform.

      And if the players don’t perfom, then the manger will address that issue and most likely not select that player for the next couple of games till they start to perform.

      We are supporters. Support. Especially at home.

      And if displeased at the end of the gave…. give a slow clap

  14. The idiots who believe 'supporting' Spurs means blind unthinking loyalty to the chairman, manager and players (who are not the club, merely transitory aspects of it), and have packed the websites with abuse of anyone who dares to express a different opinion really should consider the logic of their blinkered perspective – a bad pass from Livermore, a moment of madness from BAE, a stupid offside from Defoe – should these frequent occurrences at WHL all be greeted with rapturous applause, or total silence? Where will this lunacy end, in orchestrated and compulsory cheering at regular intervals, or will the idea that overpaid primadonnas on the pitch and overpraised fools on the bench and in the boardroom should have a reality check in the form of a bit of well-deserved booing from the people paying their wages?


    I doubt fans are booing bcoz of the one poor performance. And it seems we are all missing the point

    If like your your a proud Tottenham fan and most are, we are not a glory hunting team we support our team because we love them, then the hiring of AVB will of been a massive dent to that pride a Chelsea reject now as our manager. Not to mention his style of football, go 1-0 up and try to defend the rest of the game with TWO defensive midfielders at home. (this really made me angry). The pride of a Spurs says i want to win or lose trying to win, with no exceptions.

    This after the sacking of Harry, who did wrong towards the end, but still built us to a level of the highest quality we have been since the Prem begun.

    Fans are booing because after a 2 season of competeing at the highest level we have taken a step backwards. If Tottenhams aspirations remain at signing players like Clint Dempsey then let fans boo and criticize AVB.

  16. i have been going to the lane since 1972and i have never nor will i ever boo the team . if you dont like what you see dont go do something else if . if i dont like a band film etc i dont boo i leave .

  17. “Completely within their rights to voice their displeasure”.

    What a pile of steaming horse sh*t! Fans are stupid and the writers of this peice are the same. You are there at the ground to support the club, the team and the manager, in that order. You go to the ground to support, not shout or boo indicating displeasure to a club which is trying its very best to be better. That takes time, but you stupid f*cks want everything in an instant. Wake the f*ck up, shut the f*ck up and SUPPORT! That’s why you are there.


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